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RUMOR: NBA 2K20 hints at new jerseys for Warriors next year

NBA 2K, Warriors, Klay Thompson

Popular video game NBA 2K just released some of the player ratings for their newest installment NBA 2K20. However, while the developers provided graphics in revealing the ratings of the top players, it’s worth noting that no one from the Golden State Warriors — particularly Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson — didn’t have the same reveal as the others.

As it turns out though, there might be a good reason for that. As Warriors Nation noted, NBA 2K didn’t provide a preview for Curry and Thompson because Golden State will be sporting new uniforms next season. With that said, leaking the new jerseys on the NBA 2K20 ratings reveal may spoil the fun.

New Warriors jerseys might really be on the way in addition to a previously reported new logo. Many changes are on the horizon for the Dubs next season — those rumored new jerseys are the most recent.

Golden State us entering into a new era, so it’s only expected that they will undergo plenty of changes. Besides, it’s only fitting that they’ll have a new uniform when they play in the brand new Chase Center for the first time in the 2019-20 season.

Without Kevin Durant and with the addition of new faces, the Dubs will be a different team next season. And they are ready to embrace it.