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Stephen A. Smith claims Kevin Durant wasn’t overly fond of Warriors coach Steve Kerr

Stephen A. Smith, Kevin Durant, Steve Kerr

After just three seasons with the Golden State Warriors, 10-time All-Star Kevin Durant decided that it was time to move on. When free agency opened on Sunday even, KD immediately announced that he was joining the Brooklyn Nets on a four-year deal.

Some people are still puzzled as to why Durant left the Warriors, considering the fact that the team gives him the best chance of winning. He even turned down the supermax contract offer from Golden State, walking away from more than $50 million in favor of the Nets.

Plenty of speculation is making the rounds, including talk about his dust-up with Draymond Green in the middle of last season and rumors that KD felt like a second fiddle to longtime Warriors superstar Stephen Curry. According to Stephen A. Smith, one of the reasons why KD left Golden State is because of his not-so-good relationship with head coach Steve Kerr:

It is a bit surprising that news like this would come out, considering the fact Durant never seemed to have an issue with Kerr during his time with the Warriors. But as Stephen A. said, KD was part of the team, but he was his own man. So he might have embraced the team’s system, but not the coach.

At this point, all of these things no longer matter. Kevin Durant and the Warriors are already moving on, and it will be interesting to see how good things will be for both sides moving forward.