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Warriors vet Andre Iguodala breaks silence on Max Kellerman picking him over Steph Curry for last shot

Warriors, Andre Iguodala, Stephen Curry, Max Kellerman

If you are a fan of Max Kellerman, you likely heard his wild take about picking Andre Iguodala to shoot a wide-open last-second shot over Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry.

In a recent interview on The Breakfast Club, Iguodala gave his take on Kellerman choosing him over Curry.

“You gotta understand how different shows work, entertainment works, like ESPN. Disney has a large TV deal with the NBA, and they do our games,” the returning Warriors swingman explained. “So there’s a lot of coverage around basketball because they want to draw in viewers. They want to draw attention. So you’re going to get somebody saying something crazy. There’s a discussion behind it and now lives on forever.”

When these outlandish claims air nationally, it doesn’t take long to go viral on social media. When it does, everyone talks about it and shares it everywhere. When the comments are negative, it can result in fans saying disrespectful things, but this comment did something different.

“You got a bunch of white kids that repeat ‘I want Iguodala!’ all the time. That’s just a cool thing about it. But when you break down real basketball. Nah, I wouldn’t do that,” the Warriors vet furthered.

Fans weren’t the only people saying “I want Iguodala,” as the Warriors signed him for the second time this summer in free agency.

Iggy is expected to be an essential member for the Warriors on and off the court. However, it is up to the Dubs to find the right combination of playing young players with older veterans during a season where they plan to return to the postseason after missing the previous two.