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Video: Klay Thompson is already hitting jump shots while rehabbing torn ACL

Klay Thompson, Warriors

A torn ACL may temporarily stop Klay Thompson from being one of the best two-way players the NBA has seen. But that doesn’t take away the Golden State Warriors star’s silky-smooth jump shot.

The All-Star shooting guard is still in the rehabilitation phase of the ACL injury he sustained in Game 6 of the NBA Finals when he humored the crowd with a shot Bay Area hoops fans have fallen in love with.

Thompson was hosting a fundraiser with Rubrik for his foundation. The activity had contestants attempting free throws. Naturally, fans wanted to see Klay shoot the ball even if he can barely spring with his knees.

Thompson was more than game to answer their call and stepped back to the three-point line. In a casual ensemble, he hyped the crowd and made a jump before releasing the ball. In true Klay fashion, the ball barely hit the rim as it went in.

One thing Dubs fans will immediately notice from the vid is that Thompson made a jump while attempting that shot. That could have his therapist going off on his ear, but that could also mean that his rehabilitation is progressing quickly.

The timeline for his return to the team is still set in February or March. They don’t want to rush Klay back and risk reinjuring himself. However, it’s almost certain that the Warriors will have a good playoff run in their first season at the Chase Center.

Thompson should only focus on getting as healthy as possible. And given the way he took that shot, his return could be sooner rather than later.