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Video: Stephen A. Smith says Kevin Durant was ‘on the money’ assessing LeBron James’ situation

Stephen A. Smith, Kevin Durant, Warriors, LeBron James, Lakers

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith chimed in on the Kevin Durant-LeBron James discussion regarding the latter’s current inability to reel in NBA stars to play alongside him. A revealing piece from Bleacher Report’s Ric Bucher brought context from stars, role players, and even former Lakers players like Pau Gasol in hopes to figure out why there’s a lack of appeal.

The Warriors forward argued that NBA stars like Kawhi Leonard don’t see the allure of playing alongside James due to having similar skill sets, ones that would be constricted by James’ ball dominance and forced to play second fiddle in a support role.

Fox Sports’ Chris Broussard argued that Durant’s comments gave a hint of jealousy, a comment that has to be taken with a grain of thick Himalayan sea salt given Broussard’s adoration of James.

Smith, as usual, was irate about this controversial topic — screaming out in disgust due to the oversensitivity that this topic brought along for some of James’ teammates (we see you, Tyson Chandler).

“From a basketball standpoint, you’re Kevin Durant and can’t critique what playing with him would be like? The pros and cons that come with it? You can’t do that?… You got to be kidding me,” said Smith on his morning radio show on ESPN.

“I ain’t trying to come to no defense of Kevin Durant, but these are the kind of things I’ve said for years. And the fact of the matter is, what he said was absolutely on the money and it was not disrespectful to LeBron James.”

Durant has been criticized for his comments on this matter, but roughly 10 other people — between executives and players — also gave their opinions on this matter, yet no one is catching as much flak as Durant, who had perhaps the most in-depth statement of them all.