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Video: Warriors’ Stephen Curry slips, airballs 3-pointer in true Shaqtin’ fashion

stephen curry

Golden State Warriors star guard and franchise face Stephen Curry already has a career filled with highlights. He is regarded as one of the best shooters of all time, and it’s a good bet that he’ll be in the Hall of Fame when he decides to hang it up.

But even the best can have a rough sequence that makes them look like a junior varsity player. This is exactly what happened to Curry when his Warriors faced off against the Los Angeles Lakers Monday night.

Everyone in the stadium thought they would get to witness a rare Stephen Curry dunk when he got a clear lane to the rim in the third quarter. Instead, the Warriors’ sharpshooter fell flat on his butt, shocking the crowd. To add salt to the wound, the ball was recovered and Curry got a look from three that he usually could nail with a blindfold on. But the shot was way long, drawing nothing but air.

Thankfully for Curry, his team was already destroying an undermanned Lakers squad. The Warriors outscored the Lakers by a whopping 20 points in the third quarter, taking the period by a score of 45-25.

Stephen Curry was having an off shooting night prior to his slip. But in true star fashion, he found another way to change the game, dropping 12 dimes to ensure a large lead going into the final quarter.

While this clip will certainly not be in any Curry highlight reels, there is no doubt he will brush off this sequence in no time.