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Video: Throwback to David West’s infamous bike technical vs. Spurs

David West

David West is retiring a two-time champion and two-time All-Star after 15 successful seasons in the NBA. West’s career had its ups and its downs over the years, but no moment was as puzzling as the time when he was called for a technical foul while riding a stationary bike in the tunnel.

This play came in Game 4 of the Warriors-Spurs first-round matchup during the 2018 playoffs. The Spurs would win this game by 13 points before the Warriors closed out the gentleman’s sweep in Game 5.

It’s unclear exactly what was said, but this is some next level arguing from West. This has to go down as one of the greatest technicals of all time based solely off the fact that it’s so unique. The only other similar technical foul that comes to mind is when the notorious Joey Crawford ejected Tim Duncan for laughing on the bench.

While Duncan was dumbfounded by his ejection, it’s easy to see that West was chirping the officials in some way, shape, or form. The coaching staff and the bench were confused by the call. But the defiant West was just riding the bike with his arms folded before giving a hand wave that said it all.

West had a lot of great moments throughout his career, but this was undoubtedly the weirdest. We still don’t know exactly what was said that led to the infamous bike technical, but this is definitely a story fans would love to hear West’s take on at some point in the future.