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Ron Rivera’s latest stance on Ryan Fitzpatrick starting QB job for Washington Football Team

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Throughout all the starting quarterback battles in Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, and more, it seems that the competition for the job as Washington Football Team starting QB has become quite overshadowed. Journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick has long been presumed to be the starter come Week 1 over the relatively inexperienced Taylor Heinecke, but, according to head coach Ron Rivera via Pro Football Talk, nothing is set in stone:

“There’ll be a proper moment when I sit down and talk about the guys that are going to start for this team, but that’ll be a moment for us, for the team,” Rivera said. “I like to do that. I like to let the guys know who is our starter. I think that’s important. I’ve been in some situations and it was Cam Newton‘s first year and when it was time I got in front of the team and told him he was going to be our guy. I think that’s something that I need to tell everybody as opposed to it leaking out.”

That doesn’t quite indicate that the job is still up for grabs, but it does still show some ambiguity as to whether the guy who’s won it is indeed Ryan Fitzpatrick, or if Washington wants to go the unconventional route with Heinecke.

Fitzpatrick had a great start to the 2020 season, leading the Miami Dolphins to a 4-3 record with 13 TDs and over 2,000 passing yards across 7 starts, but he was benched in favor of giving rookie Tua Tagovailoa experience as their QB of the future.

Heinecke had an amazing performance last year in the Football Team’s loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their NFC Wild Card playoff game, earning himself another shot. He played with a rare ferocity that was certainly awe-inspiring, but likely unsustainable across a full season.

Washington is talented enough to win now, and the safest bet would be that Ryan Fitzpatrick is their starting QB. But, it’s the NFL. Never rule anything out.