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WATCH: 15 minutes of new Elden Ring Gameplay

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New Elden Ring gameplay has been unveiled by FromSoftware through a 15-minute gameplay preview.

FromSoftware really took their time on this one, but all the wait has been worth it. It’s beautiful, set in a vibrant world that’s full of danger, complete with FromSoftware’s signature game design.

The new Elden Ring gameplay preview starts off in a safe zone, introducing the audience to a Site of Grace, the equivalent of Dark Souls‘ bonfire for Elden Ring. Interacting with one will occasionally show clairvoyant spell that leads you to your next destination. Excitingly, the game’s protagonist was seen jumping off a cliff while calling after summoning a horse out of thin air. With the player riding a horse, the world’s scale was showcased, traveling through different biomes.

The game’s combat was then showcased when the mounted hero gets ambushed by a fire-breathing wyvern. The combat showcased in this Elden Ring gameplay preview included both mounted and on-foot combat.

Up next, the FromSoftware introduces us to some (odd-looking) NPCs. In Dark Souls fashion, these NPCs interact with the player character in equally odd ways. They’re an interesting, mysterious bunch, who still appear to end each dialogue with a laugh or chuckle.

For the first time in a FromSoftware game, the game will feature an overworld map, which just shows how much larger scale this game has compared to previous souls games.

Overall, the new Elden Ring preview showcases a Dark Souls game set in an open-world. Everything a Dark Souls fan expects out of a Dark Souls game will be in Elden Ring, but with much more verticality, depth, and exploration. The game is still as ghastly as before, in spite of the more vibrant landscape. Through and through, Elden Ring still feels like a true FromSoftware game.