With the second round of the NBA playoffs over, every team that deployed a high-impact rookie has already been eliminated. Still, the 2023 NBA Draft class lived up to expectations. A generational prospect (Victor Wembanyama) proved that he was worth the hype, and a number of young teams have exciting young cores to look forward to thanks to their rookie classes. Some rookies even helped their franchises become playoff teams right away.

With the NBA playoffs winding down, we decided to look back at every rookie's first season in the league to make a way-too-early conclusion on which teams got their picks right and which didn't. Development takes time, and it is probably unfair to judge NBA players so early in their NBA careers. The 2023 NBA Draft class was a special one, though, so these rookies are held to a different standard. Here is a way-too-early redraft of the 2023 NBA Draft.

1. Victor Wembanyama, San Antonio Spurs

Actual position: 1st

Original number 1 pick: Victor Wembanyama

Many experts considered Victor Wembanyama to be the best NBA prospect since LeBron James. Those are lofty expectations for a rookie, but the Frenchman lived up to them. En route to winning the Rookie of the Year, Wembanyama scored 21.4 points, secured 10.6 rebounds, and swatted away 3.6 shots per game, all three of which were more than any of his rookie peers.

Wembanyama didn't only shine in comparison to rookies, though. He is already one of the best players in the league, especially on defense. No one came close to Wembanyama's block totals, and he was in the running for the Defensive Player of the Year Award because of it.

The first-overall pick also thrives on offense, and he does things on that end that we have never seen before. Wembanyama is 7-foot-4, yet he is able to hit step-back shots, get crafty with his handle, and run the floor effectively. He has the makings to become one of, if not the best player in the league for a long time, and he is already on a trajectory to become one of the best first-overall picks ever.

2. Brandon Miller, Charlotte Hornets

Actual position: 2nd

Original number 2 pick: Brandon Miller

Many questioned the Hornets' decision to take Brandon Miller over Scoot Henderson. That ended up being the right choice.

Miller bases his game off of Paul George's, and it looks like it. He is silky smooth and can hit any shot at any level of the court. Miller will be a significant building block for the Hornets both in real life and in this redraft.

3. Amen Thompson, Portland Trail Blazers

Amen Thompson in a Trail Blazers jersey

Actual position: 4th

Original number 3 pick: Amen Thompson

With the top two picks remaining the same, we get to our first selection to change in the 2023 NBA redraft. Scoot Henderson struggled as a rookie, and some are concerned that he will become a bust. Optimism is a little bit higher for Amen Thompson. While he is almost non-existent as a shooter, his efficiency actually was better than Henderson's because of his incredible ability to finish at the rim.

Thompson's athleticism also allows him to thrive on the defensive end. He jumps passing lanes, can defend shots at the rim, and doesn't make it easy on players trying to drive or shoot over him. The Rockets have a bunch of ball-dominant players in Jalen Green, Alperen Sengun, and Fred VanVleet.

In Portland, Thompson would be given the keys to the Trail Blazers offense, which could have allowed him to thrive even more.

4. Scoot Henderson, Houston Rockets

Actual position: 3rd

Original number 4 pick: Amen Thompson

Portland Trail Blazers fans expected Scoot Henderson to come in and have a Ja Morant-level impact right away. Rookies tend to struggle, though, and that was definitely the case for Henderson. His raw numbers aren't terrible. He ranked first in rookie assists (5.4) and fourth in rookie points (14.0). However, his numbers are only high because Portland forced him into the fire and made him figure things out.

He did struggle mightily. Henderson wasn't ready for the pace of the NBA. He turned the ball over way too much, and he struggled with efficiency. The latter issue was the most glaring for Henderson. The point guard shot only 38.5% from the field. His shooting flaws were enhanced at the NBA level, and he struggled to finish inside against NBA bigs.

Even so, a lot of players see major development from year one to year two after a full offseason and after having the experience of an NBA season under their belt. Henderson was touted highly enough as a prospect that he still deserves to go in the top five of this redraft, but his rookie struggles certainly warrant him falling a little bit.

5. GG Jackson Jr, Detroit Pistons

Actual position: 45th

Original number 5 pick: Ausar Thompson

GG Jackson had all of the talent in the world, but personality question marks and inconsistency as a freshman at South Carolina caused him to fall to the second round. Injuries allowed Jackson the chance to play as a rookie, which wasn't expected coming into the year, considering how deep/talented the Grizzlies were.

On the court, he quickly proved his red flags wrong. His inconsistent play in college could be attributed to him being so young (he was the youngest player in the 2023 NBA Draft), and he proved to have not only a joyful personality but really impressive work ethic as well.

As the Grizzlies return to health, they now have the luxury of having another building block, but in this exercise, it is the Pistons who end up with the youngster. Jackson's scoring prowess was on display all season, which led to him scoring the third most points per game (14.6) of any rookie this season. His youth also means there is time to grow even more. As a rookie, he became the youngest player ever with 40 points and 10 rebounds in a game, as well as the youngest player ever with seven three-point makes in a game.

It'll be interesting to see what his role with Memphis looks like going forward, but if he were a member of the Pistons, he just might be their top option going forward.

6. Jaime Jaquez, Orlando Magic

Actual position: 18th

Original number 6 pick: Anthony Black

Jaime Jaquez may never be a star, but the Heat drafted him because of his ability to play right away. Miami was rewarded with one of the best role players to come out of the 2023 NBA Draft. The Magic have their stars, as Paolo Banchero and Franz Wagner should lead the team for a long time. A do-it-all role player like Jaquez would make a lot of sense for Orlando.

7. Brandin Podziemski, Indiana Pacers

Actual position: 19th

Original number 7 pick: Jarace Walker

The Warriors nailed the 2023 NBA Draft despite only selecting at picks 19 and 57. Both of their selections skyrocketed up the board in the 2023 NBA redraft because of the skills they displayed as rookies. The Pacers, on the other hand, seemingly selected the first miss of the lottery, as Jarace Walker only saw 340 minutes of court time in year one.

The Pacers still improved drastically this season and became legitimate title contenders. Their outlook would be even greater if Brandin Podziemski was the player they took in the lottery. Indiana has one of the best offenses in recent memory, and they likely wouldn't want a rookie who would be very ball-dominant.

A versatile role player like Podziemski would be great for the team, though. The Santa Clara product can score inside or out, but he is notably one of the best rebounding guards in the NBA. Indiana is a versatile team, and Podziemski would bring even more of that to Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

8. Dereck Lively, Washington Wizards

Actual position: 12th

Original number 8 pick: Bilal Coulibaly

The center position had been a need for the Dallas Mavericks for years, and they got their answer at the position when they drafted Dereck Lively. Now, the Wizards are desperate for a center, as they traded Daniel Gafford to none other than the Mavericks. Lively and Gafford form one of the best center depth charts in the NBA, and the rookie has thrived collecting rebounds and finishing plays for the Mavericks.

They haven't needed him to do much more due to the presence of Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, but Lively likely would play a larger role if he were drafted by the Wizards. Washington isn't good enough to be thinking about positional fit, but the team's need at center is so glaring that they are happy to get Lively in this redraft.

His lack of self-creation and shooting means he might struggle on a talent-deprived team like the Wizards, but he would surely make life easier for the rest of his teammates were he to play in Washington.

9. Cason Wallace, Utah Jazz

Cason Wallace in a Jazz jersey

Actual position: 10th

Original number 9 pick: Taylor Hendricks

The Thunder went from a 24-win team two years ago to the top seed in a stacked Western Conference this year. There were a number of players on the deep and young team that helped them improve. Jalen Williams and Chet Holmgren were 2022 draftees who emerged as stars in 2023, but fans shouldn't forget about Cason Wallace.

Wallace fit in perfectly with Oklahoma City's core and he became an impact player from day one. While he didn't put up huge numbers as a rookie, he is more than capable of scoring, and it was his ability to do the little things that got him in Mark Daigneault's rotation.

The Thunder's rebuild has been one of the best-executed rebuilds in recent memory, and Wallace is a perfect example of why. Like the Thunder, the Jazz have accumulated a bunch of draft picks in recent seasons, and one of those being spent on Cason Wallace would have been beneficial.

10. Ausar Thompson, Dallas Mavericks

Actual position: 5th

Original number 10 pick: Cason Wallace

Ausar Thompson started the season as one of the best rookies and one of the few players that could challenge for second place in Rookie of the Year voting (Victor Wembanyama was always going to win the award). However, the Pistons ended up suffering through a 28-game losing streak that makes them firmly one of the worst teams in recent memory. During Detroit's struggles, Thompson's inability to shoot the basketball became more of an issue.

Still, he is already one of the best athletes in the NBA. He defends and rebounds at a high level, can serve as a playmaker, and is impressive as a slasher. The Mavericks have plenty of shooting (and scoring) ability on their roster. Thompson would benefit from defenses giving more attention to his teammates, and his versatile skillset would work well alongside Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

11. Cam Whitmore, Orlando Magic

Actual position: 20th

Original number 11 pick: Jett Howard

Cam Whitmore fell all the way to the 20th pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. He proved why he should have never slid down draft boards during his rookie season. Whitmore is one of many freakishly athletic players to come out of this class, but he has more scoring pop than either of the Thompson twins do.

The Rockets lucked out when he fell to their laps in 2023.

They aren't given that luxury in this draft do-over. Instead, the Magic replaced one of the least productive rookies (Jett Howard) with another player who can contribute to playoff runs for years to come.

12. Keyonte George, Oklahoma City Thunder

Actual position: 16th

Original number 12 pick: Dereck Lively

The biggest question for Keyonte George coming into the draft was about if he'd be able to improve as a playmaker and take on a lead ball handler role. He proved his worth as a true point guard during his rookie season, and that allowed him to move up a few slots in the 2023 NBA redraft. In addition to playmaking, George has some scoring pop, and he should be an NBA starter for a long time.

13. Jordan Hawkins, Toronto Raptors

Actual position: 14th

Original number 13 pick: Gradey Dick

Length and defense have been the identity of the Raptors in recent years. The team is rebuilding, though, and they may need to go in a different direction. Jordan Hawkins would bring three-point shooting to the team, as well as the championship pedigree that comes with being a UConn alumnus.

14. Anthony Black, New Orleans Pelicans

Actual position: 6th

Original number 14 pick: Jordan Hawkins

Anthony Black perfectly fit the Magic's identity. Black's calling card is defense, and Orlando finished the season with the second-best defensive efficiency in the NBA. The Pelicans are a similarly dominant defensive team, as they were seventh in that category. Black has the size and strength to guard wings, and the speed and IQ to defend guards.

He is a point forward of sorts who can attack the basket and kick it out to open teammates. The Pelicans have more shooting than the Magic, so Black would perhaps thrive even more on that team. Black's shooting was actually better than advertised, though, as he shot 39.4% from beyond the arc as a rookie.

15. Bilal Coulibaly, Atlanta Hawks

Bilal Coulibaly in a Hawks jersey

Actual position: 7th

Original number 15 pick: Kobe Bufkin

It is all about defense when talking about Bilal Coulibaly. While there have been rumors that the Hawks may look to trade Trae Young, if they continue to build around the offensive-minded point guard, then surrounding him with defenders will always be priority number one.

16. Toumani Camara, Utah Jazz

Actual position: 52nd

Original number 16 pick: Keyonte George

Six rookies suited up for the Trail Blazers during the 2023-24 season. Duop Reath was perhaps the most surprising of all of them, as the big man had an incredible season shooting the three-ball despite being a 27-year-old rookie.

However, Reath went undrafted in 2018 and, therefore, doesn't qualify for the 2023 NBA redraft.

Toumani Camara was arguably just as big of a pleasant surprise, though. Despite being drafted near the end of the second round, Camara finished in seventh place for rookie minutes; only 24 minutes less than Scoot Henderson, the Trail Blazers' third-overall pick. Camara is a little bit raw offensively, as he mainly relied on off-ball cutting to score as a rookie. He is a great defender, though, capable of shutting down both wings and guards, thanks to his huge wingspan.

17. Taylor Hendricks, Los Angeles Lakers

Actual position: 9th

Original number 17 pick: Jalen Hood-Schifino

The Jazz limited Taylor Hendricks' exposure at the start of the year, as the first of Utah's three first-round picks was inactive for most of the first half of the year. Then, the team unleashed their big man, and the UCF product showed legitimate promise. Hendricks can protect the rim, and he also has stretch potential on offense. Expect his role to increase even more next season.

18. Trayce Jackson-Davis, Miami Heat

Actual position: 57th

Original number 18 pick: Jaime Jaquez

It isn't easy finding late-round gems, but Trayce Jackson-Davis' play as a rookie moves him up from the 57th pick to the top 20 in this redraft. The Heat have thrived with developing unheralded late-round/undrafted players more than anyone, so they would surely get the best out of the former 57th overall pick.

19. Marcus Sasser, Golden State Warriors

Actual position: 25th

Original number 19 pick: Brandin Podziemski

Marcus Sasser provided three-point shooting to a Detroit Pistons team that was otherwise lacking in that category. Of course, no team is more known for the deep ball than the Warriors, so the Houston product would likely fit in seamlessly in Golden State. The Warriors pursued play-now prospects like Trayce Jackson-Davis and Brandin Podziemski in last year's draft. With both of those players already off of the board in this redraft, taking a four-year college player like Sasser makes sense.

20. Julian Strawther, Houston Rockets

Julian Strawther in a Rockets jersey

Actual position: 29th

Original number 20 pick: Cam Whitmore

The Nuggets have been one of the best drafting teams in the NBA over the last decade. Former general manager, Tim Connelly, built the team's core, and current general manager, Calvin Booth, has surrounded the teams' stars with great role players since Connelly's departure.

Julian Strawther is one such example. For much of the season, it looked like he would contribute valuable postseason minutes as a rookie, similar to how Christian Braun did the year prior. Injuries ended up preventing that from happening, but Strawther did enough to prove that he will be an important part of Denver's core going forward. The guard is a great three-point shooter with a quick trigger, and his spacing will help Denver to continue being one of the best offensive teams for years to come. More three-point shooting is something that the Rockets could use, which is why they take him here at pick 20.

21. Gradey Dick, Brooklyn Nets

Actual position: 13th

Original number 21 pick: Noah Clowney

The Nets' two first-round picks from 2023 — Noah Clowney and Dariq Whitehead — combined for 394 minutes of court time as rookies. Gradey Dick spent some of the season as a starter for the Raptors, the Brooklyn would surely have been happy to get a more surefire NBA player. Clowney and Whitehead have time to develop, and Dick was far from perfect in year one, but the Nets still get better in this redraft.

22. Ben Sheppard, Brooklyn Nets

Actual position: 26th

Original number 22 pick: Dariq Whitehead

Pacers' first-round picks go back-to-back in the 2023 NBA redraft, but it is the player who was drafted later (Ben Sheppard) who is drafted first in this do-over. Sheppard played more minutes (814), scored more points (252), and racked up more assists (53) than his rookie teammate Jarace Walker did, and he therefore deserves to be drafted ahead of the lottery pick in this redraft.

Walker still has more potential, and he has plenty of time to develop that potential. Because of that, it might be fair to say that Walker fell way too far in this redraft.

However, Sheppard simply showed more in year one, and we will give him the benefit of the doubt because of it. He has played some key minutes on a Pacers team that is now in the Eastern Conference Finals. During this postseason run, Sheppard has been lights out as a corner three-point shooter, and his on-ball defense and screen navigation have been elite.

23. Jarace Walker, Portland Trail Blazers

Actual position: 8th

Original number 23 pick: Kris Murray

Jarace Walker was viewed as a player who could play right away because, in college, he was versatile, could play defense, and contributed on an older Houston team. Instead, Walker played the second-fewest number of minutes as a rookie of any of the lottery picks.

He wasn't able to show much in only 340 minutes of court time, but he is rostered on a Pacers team that is now in the Eastern Conference Finals. Walker is still a part of their future plans, but he can't rank higher than Ben Sheppard, considering his rookie teammate is playing important minutes during Indiana's postseason run.

24. Nick Smith, Sacramento Kings

Actual position: 27th

Original number 24 pick: Olivier-Maxence Prosper

Malik Monk might receive a big payday from a team outside of Sacramento this upcoming free agency. Therefore, it would make sense to draft a player with a similar archetype in Nick Smith to try and replicate his success. The Hornets guard didn't put up massive numbers as a rookie, but it was a positive sign to see him shoot lights out from three-point land (43.2%).

25. Hunter Tyson, Memphis Grizzlies

Actual position: 37th

Original number 25 pick: Marcus Sasser

Hunter Tyson has played predominately in garbage time for the Denver Nuggets this year, but he has been dominant in other avenues of hoops. Tyson was one of the biggest surprises of the NBA Summer League, and he made the All-Sumer League First Team because of his pretty shooting stroke.

Additionally, Tyson has been one of the best players in the G-League this season despite a number of the players in that league being NBA veterans. Tyson scored 23.8 points per game for the Nuggets' G-League affiliate en route to becoming the fourth leading scorer in the NBA's developmental league.

The Nuggets surprised many when they took Tyson in the first round, as he wasn't expected to contribute much more than a stretch-four role. However, he has shown unexpected promise in other areas of the game, including as a driver and rebounder. G-League success may never translate to success at the NBA level, but Tyson has shown that he has legitimate skills as an NBA player.

26. Kris Murray, Indiana Pacers

Kris Murray in Hornets jersey

Actual position: 23rd

Original number 26 pick: Ben Sheppard

The Portland Trail Blazers 2023 draft class was a weird one. They got great production from Duop Reath, an undrafted player from the 2018 draft class who made his NBA debut this year, as well as Toumani Camara, a Suns' 2023 draftee who didn't join the Blazers until the Damian Lillard trade. It is fair to say that the players that they drafted were disappointments to some degree, though.

Scoot Henderson was supposed to become the franchise player after Portland took him first overall, but he struggled mightily as a rookie. Kris Murray also falls in this redraft because a number of his peers outperformed him. His twin brother, Keegan Murray, thrived from day one as a 2022 NBA Draft pick thanks largely to his three-point shot, but Kris wasn't able to get the deep ball to fall. He only made 26.8% of his shots from deep, which was poor enough for fans to question if he will ever reach the potential the Blazers saw in him when they drafted him in the first round.

27. Leonard Miller, Charlotte Hornets

Actual position: 33rd

Original number 27 pick: Nick Smith

Leonard Miller hasn't done much for the Minnesota Timberwolves as a rookie. He has lit it up in the G-League, though, and the promise he has shown there is enough to warrant a first-round spot in the 2023 NBA redraft. Miller scored over 20 points per game, and he ranks 13th in the G-League in rebounds per game (9.1).

28. Oscar Tshiebwe, Utah Jazz

Actual position: Undrafted

Original number 28 pick: Brice Sensabaugh

The Utah Jazz were the second-worst rebounding team in the NBA this season. The team has plenty of size, but they weren't able to haul in misses for whatever reason. Oscar Tshiebwe would immediately fix their rebounding woes. Tshiebwe's style of play is somewhat outdated, and he doesn't provide much outside of cleaning the glass, but he is one of the best rebounders we have seen this century. Tshiebwe spent most of the year in the G-League, but he swallowed up rebounds as effectively at that level as he did in college.

29. Andre Jackson Jr., Indiana Pacers

Actual position: 36th

Original number 29 pick: Julian Strawther

The Pacers have plenty of offense. They could use a little more defense, though. Andre Jackson Jr. provides that and he could also learn behind Tyrese Haliburton as a jumbo-facilitator.

30. Brice Sensabaugh, Los Angeles Clippers

Actual position: 28th

Original number 30 pick: Kobe Brown

Brice Sensabaugh's offensive potential would warrant a higher selection in the 2023 NBA redraft, but he plays little to no defense. Offensively, Sensabaugh can hit hard shots, but he is also streaky as a scorer.