It doesn’t come as a surprise that plenty of athletes including NFL players sport a bearded look. Although it has no links to improving athletic performance, the beard does give a player his signature look in terms of aesthetics. Throughout the years, we’ve seen NFL players showcase some of the best beards on the field. However, it’s worth looking into what they look like without them. For this piece, let’s take a closer look at what bearded NFL players looked like without facial hair.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick had a lengthy NFL career after playing for several teams. He certainly rose to fame after making his presence with the Buffalo Bills. However, it was also his beard that drew the attention of several NFL fans. But in high school, Fitzpatrick still had yet to sport a beard. At this time, he was already proving why he belonged in the NFL.

Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. turned in one of the best NFL rookie seasons in history before helping the Rams secure a victory at Super Bowl LVI. But even before entering the NFL, a young OBJ was already a multi-sport athlete that would have succeeded just the same in baseball or basketball.

Ezekiel Elliott

Ever since his days at John Burroughs High School, Ezekiel never wanted to lose even if he was far away from home. In fact, Elliott even carved out a unique winning streak of his own which only snapped during his rookie season in the NFL. Nevertheless, Eliott is still making his presence felt at the professional level with three Pro Bowl appearances, two All-Pro selections, and leading the NFL in rushing yards twice.

Brandon McManus

Brandon McManus has been a reliable kicker for the Denver Broncos by racking up the field goals. But while his play on the field has been great, he also has the beard to show for it. But back in high school, the Super Bowl champion didn’t even sport notable facial hair as seen in his high school yearbook photo.

Baker Mayfield

Back in Lake Travis High School, Baker Mayfield didn’t sport a beard yet. However, he was clearly the school’s best football star. After making his mark in high school, Mayfield would rack up the hardware at the college level, earning the Manning Award, Maxwell Award, Sugar Bowl MVP, and the Heisman Trophy. At the NFL level, Mayfield played an instrumental role in helping the Browns end their playoff drought before starring as a quarterback for the Rams.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers was a prospect that was often overlooked since his college days. In fact, Rodgers had to settle with a backup role to Brett Favre during his earlier days with the Packers. Fortunately, Rodgers stuck it out to become a four-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl champion, and Super Bowl MVP. While it could be the beard, Rodgers’ success stems more from his patience and skills on the field.

Brett Favre

Speaking of the Packers, there’s no question that Brett Favre was one of the best players in franchise history. But before joining the Packers, Favre was beardless and underutilized with the Falcons. Fortunately, a move to Green Bay paved the way to three straight MVPs and a win at Super Bowl XXXI.

Nick Mangold

During his days with the Jets, Nick Mangold gained popularity for his beard, but also for his effectiveness at the center position. In fact, while sporting a golden beard, Mangold garnered three All-Pro selections and seven Pro Bowl appearances. But even without a beard during high school and college days, Mangold was already a force to be reckoned with.

DeAndre Levy

DeAndre Levy sported a thick beard while playing his entire career with the Detroit Lions. The Lions’ former linebacker would go on to earn Second team All-Pro honors in 2014. But before joining the Lions in the NFL, Levy had little to no beard during his days at Wisconsin. Nevertheless, Levy still earned the university’s Tom Weisner Award and earned the distinction of All-Big Ten honorable mention.

Brett Keisel

When it comes to the beard game, there’s not a lot who can beat Brett Keisel. In fact, his game is as intense as his beard, after helping the Steelers take victories at Super Bowls XL and XLIII. In fact, the beard was a transformation that Keisel leaned on to power the franchise to another Super Bowl appearance. However, during his college days, Keisel was actually beardless. Fast forward to today, he sported his college look again after taking off the beard recently in order to help cancer patients at the UPMC Children’s Hospital, putting the beard to good use again even after his NFL career.