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Steph Curry, Cavs

What if Steph Curry left for Cleveland after their 2016 Finals loss?

Aside from the LeBron James migration to Los Angeles and the Kawhi-Spurs divorce, the DeMarcus Cousins to Golden State Warriors news would be one of the most talked about situations this offseason. Yes, it is not breaking news or a surprising issue any more.

The Golden State Warriors will now have at their disposal an All-star five of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and DeMarcus Cousins (once he comes back from injury). If you thought there was no way to make them any better with the Kevin Durant signing, you might be wrong this season.

In any shape or form, success is attractive. Same goes in basketball. With championships and great free agent signings, all that success can translate to even greater success.

Kevin Durant Steph Curry

There is a saying that you cannot give what they do not have. When it comes to winning and championship pedigree, the Warriors got that covered.

Amongst all that, it is easy to forget that this Warrior team was mortal once. Up in the 2016 NBA Finals 3-1, all they had to do was win one more. Unfortunately, LeBron James and company wanted it more, earning its first championship for Cleveland.

It’s all in the history books now. The almost insurmountable 3-1 hole conquered by the King to win a championship, it is a final series worthy of legend.

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What if in some parallel reality the script was flipped. Not about the finals, but about from being a Warrior to a Cavalier. What if Steph Curry joins LeBron James in Cleveland?

To get this into perspective, you have to look at alter ego Steph Curry. Reigning two-time MVP, dominated last season en route to winning the championship, best season record in NBA history, breaking countless other records in the league, then got beaten by a James led Cavalier squad with their backs behind a 3-1 hole.

A season that was supposed to see them sky high, came crashing down in an instant, Steph was in the middle of all that. After the heartbreaking loss, a free agent Steph Curry was just fed up with everything. All the success, all the winning, it never translated into the most coveted prize, an NBA championship.

Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Warriors

Sensing his disdain for what transpired over the season, LeBron James sets up a meeting with Steph. A couple of phone calls and some meetings are all it took to assure Curry and James were succeeding. The following day, he announces playing for wine and gold, spurning a big payday from the Warriors for continued success.

Expect jerseys to be burned and a lot of fan hate. Names will be called, “Snake Steph” or “Chef Snakey”. During that time, and until now with Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors are still identified as Steph Curry’s.

His departure will be a dagger in the heart of the Bay Area. A home that cherished him, it saw his ups, downs, and rise to glory.

stephen curry

Imagine those magical three-point heaves, precision crossovers, and dazzling passes to LeBron James. A picture in which you can’t help but squirm a bit knowing it feels wrong.

Despite the bitter taste of that picture, it will be an abrupt end to the supposed Warrior dynasty without a doubt. It will usher in Curry-less Warriors and a stacked Cleveland roster with two MVPs at its helm.

A tandem of arguably the best shooter of all time with the best player of this generation would definitely blaze a trail in the league that would result in championships for the two. How many? We may never know.

One thing is for sure, Curry and James teammates together, awkward or not, that would be a sight to behold.