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What to expect from the Green Bay Packers’ new offense under Matt LaFleur

Matt LaFleur, Aaron Rodgers, Packers

This offseason, the Green Bay Packers brought on former Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur. LaFleur came from the Sean McVay coaching tree after his time with him as an offensive coordinator in 2017. He then joined the Titans in 2018 as their OC because of his pedigree.

He has one of the best pedigrees in the entire league. He had climbed the coaching tree with the Washington Redskins in the early 2000’s, soon becoming the quarterback’s coach. He helped with the development of Robert Griffin III for over four years. He was then hired by Brian Kelly and coached at Notre Dame for one year. Then, he coached in Atlanta with Matt Ryan under center. He’s coached so many great quarterbacks over the years.

His resume has made him very lucrative across the league. It was only a matter of time before he had the opportunity to be a head coach. He was a well-respected quarterback’s coach and had put many players in the position to succeed on both the collegiate and professional level.

The offense LaFleur brings to the Packers is a mix of many different ideologies. It’s a base West Coast concept combined with a lot of pre-snap movements. This includes zone runs and play actions, along with bootlegs. A lot of it is what is considered “gimmicky” collegiate play calls. A lot of bubble screens, RPO’s, zone read, and pistol formations.

The running game will be a zone blocking scheme. The routes for the wideouts will have options that are chosen by the quarterback at the snap. It takes a talented and intelligent quarterback to run his system. The offensive scheme is a mix of many of the concepts found within a modern NFL scheme.

Aaron Rodgers is the perfect fit for the system. Over the past few years, he had been butting heads with former head coach Mike McCarthy. He would audible out of his play calls often. With Rodgers under center along with weapons like Davante Adams and Jimmy Graham, the Packers have a chance to have a very dynamic offense.

After years of disappointing offensive production, LaFleur is hoping to get the Packers back to the top of the league. That’s where they should be with a quarterback as good as Rodgers.