What would a perfect offseason look like for the Carolina Panthers?
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What would a perfect offseason look like for the Carolina Panthers?

The Carolina Panthers know this is a big offseason if they want to try to get back into the postseason and not have to start a total rebuild. The Panthers’ first big decision was to bring in a new coach to replace Ron Rivera and they hit a home run bringing in Matt Rhule. The Panthers also hired Joe Brady to be the offensive coordinator, and he is one of the best young minds in football.

It was a good start to the offseason, but that can’t be the only big moves that need to be moved. Let’s take a closer look at what a perfect offseason would like for the Panthers.

Re-sign James Bradberry

Bradberry was selected in the second round by the Carolina Panthers in 2016 and he has earned every penny of an extension. He has started 47 of the last 48 games, and although he doesn’t get a ton of attention, he really has all the makings of a star. Losing Bradberry would be a big loss to a defense that can’t afford many more.

Move on from Cam Newton (if he isn’t Joe Brady’s first pick), bring in Joe Brady’s guy

Joe Brady worked his magic with Joe Burrow at LSU, and whoever Brady thinks he can do that with in the NFL or draft, the team needs to bring in.

Cam Newton isn’t getting any younger, and the injuries have to be a real concern going forward. Even with Newton is healthy, he has been inconsistent throwing the ball.

His legs are important, and as he gets older each hit seems to be one step closer to his career being over.

Who Brady’s next pick would be is tough to know Maybe he believes he can work his magic with Marcus Mariota, or perhaps Utah State quarterback Jordan Love would be his guy.

Draft Derrick Brown

The Carolina Panthers possess the seventh overall pick, and if they don’t want to draft a quarterback that early, they need to go after Auburn standout defensive tackle Derrick Brown.

Vernon Butler and Gerald McCoy are both free agents and will probably be on a different team next season. Brown is a guy who can come in right away and be a matchup issue for opposing offensive lines.

If Brown is gone, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the team to trade back to try and get more draft capital to help improve the team down the road.