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Where to buy the Super Mario 64 LEGO Block Set

Where to buy the Super Mario 64 LEGO Block Set, Super Mario 64 LEGO, Super Mario 64 LEGO Block Set

We’re getting a new Super Mario 64 collaboration with LEGO, this time in the form of a miniature Princess Peach’s Castle. But where can we buy the Super Mario 64 LEGO Block Set?

Where to buy the Super Mario 64 LEGO Block Set

The Super Mario 64 LEGO Block Set will be made available starting October 1, 2021. You can order online at the LEGO website and have it delivered to you once the product is available.

Once the product becomes available, you can also look for the LEGO product in local LEGO stores in your state. Gamestop sometimes carries these products, so do Walmart and Toys R Us. We’ll update this article once we get a more accurate forecast of where these products can be bought in physical stores.

The Super Mario 64 LEGO ? Block Set is a 7×7-inch buildable cube. It can be popped open to reveal Princess Peach’s Castle, as well as some of the iconic stages in Super Mario 64. Miniature portraits line the walls of Princess Peach’s Castle, and 10 LEGO Super Mario microfigurines populate it, including: Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach, and King Bob-omb, as well as a Chain Chomp, Big Bully, Mr. I, Lakitu, penguin, and baby penguin.

Finally, the Super Mario 64 LEGO ? Block Set features interactive play with the LEGO® Mario™ or LEGO® Luigi™ figure from the Starter Courses (Sold separately), which feature interactions when you play with the figures and find the 10 Stars hidden within the castle.