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White Sox receive positive Tony La Russa update after stepping away due to health issues

Tony La Russa, Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox remain squarely in the AL Central hunt, as they are only 2 games behind leaders Cleveland Guardians, and they clearly need every bit of help they can get. That help may come in the form of the return of 77-year old manager, Tony La Russa.

More than a week after being ordered by his personal doctors to undergo further medical testing, which kept the fiery La Russa out of the White Sox dugout, he could be making his return as early as next week, according to Jon Heyman of the New York Post.

“Word is he’s hoping to be back managing the White Sox as early as next week after he stepped away from the team with an unspecified health issue,” Heyman wrote in his report.

Friends of Tony La Russa reportedly told Heyman that the White Sox manager “is going to be OK”, and hopefully those friends are right, for the sake of La Russa, La Russa’s family, and the White Sox organization.

The prognosis of a return next week might just be an optimistic view during such an unfortunate circumstance, as the White Sox have remained mum regarding an official timetable on La Russa’s return. Nevertheless, the man who stepped into La Russa’s shoes in the dugout, bench coach Miguel Cairo, has done well, going 6-3, and Heyman added that Cairo is “getting praise for his communication skills”.

At his age, Tony La Russa should take all health precautions that he can. If that means a further absence from the dugout, then so be it. While La Russa’s squad has underperformed this season after a stellar 93-69 2021, mostly due to injury problems to White Sox stars, La Russa’s health should be of utmost priority. Some things are just bigger than baseball.