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Robby Anderson, Jets


Why Robby Anderson could be the ideal target for the Packers if they pursue a wide receiver trade

The Green Bay Packers look like they’re playoff-bound at this point with the way they’ve been playing. However, every team wants to have depth in important positions. The wide receiver position is a position that they have good talent in, but additional depth could spell the difference between a Super Bowl title and another disappointing year.

The Packers can target Robby Anderson to help bolster the defense and give Aaron Rodgers more reliable targets to use. The Jets have revealed that they are openly shopping the wide receiver to interested contenders for the right price. This is the perfect opportunity for the Packers to swoop down and make the move. After all, a talented man like Anderson isn’t available every day.

Anderson is a superb talent who is approaching his physical peak. His numbers won’t grab your immediate attention, but he’s going to be a superb addition to the team. This season, he’s gotten 266 receiving yards and one touchdown on 17 receptions. What’s more impressive is the fact that he did this with a team that didn’t have their starting quarterback for a good four to five weeks. Imagining him catching outstanding passes from Aaron Rodgers would be enough to send Packers fans into a frenzy.

Everyone can also remember his outstanding sophomore season. Despite the Jets lacking a proper quarterback over the last four years, he managed to make 63 receptions for 941 yards. He deservedly earned his top wideout status and will give the Jets high picks in return.

Moreover, he does have the ability to make big plays in him. He just made the longest reception of his career this year at 92 yards. While he may not have the touchdowns this year to back up this ability of his, he does have more than enough about him to make the big plays for the Packers. His lack of touchdowns can be blamed on the team’s lack of overall quality on offense instead of on him lacking as a wideout.

Depending on how you rate Anderson, his upcoming free agency is the biggest asset or liability when it comes to making a move for him. He’s free to explore his options next year, and he will most likely demand top dollar for his services. If the Packers don’t manage to convince him to stay, they will have to make the most of his talents to get them to the Super Bowl.

There’s always a chance that he will sign, though. Green Bay became a great football team in the span of one offseason. The players, coaches, and philosophies brought in helped the Packers become a dominant NFC team once again.

Of course, everything will still hinge on them making the Super Bowl, but the culture could convince Anderson to stay and become an important asset for the Packers in the years to come.

There’s little to no consequences to making the trade for Anderson. It will be up to the team to make the call, but he will definitely be a fine addition to the team.