Why the Dallas Cowboys might make sense for Adrian Peterson
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Why the Dallas Cowboys might make sense for Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson, Cowboys

Every year, big names are thrown around for the upcoming Dallas Cowboys lineup, but Adrian Peterson is a name that actually makes sense for the team.

According to ESPN, even though the rumors about Peterson signing to the Cowboys go back at least a decade, it’s one of the most likely signings to happen this season for a variety of good reasons.

“It has been a rumor going back half a decade by now, but Peterson has reportedly wanted to make a stop in Dallas before ending his career. The Palestine, Texas, product impressed as Washington’s starter in 2018, but with Derrius Guice coming back, Peterson might want to take his chances behind Ezekiel Elliott on a one-year deal. That’s a two-headed monster that would excite Cowboys fans and terrify opposing defenses.”

But according to USA Today, the only way Peterson will sign to the Cowboys is if Le’Veon Bell signs to Oakland. At that point, Frank Gore would fill in for Bell’s now-vacant spot, and Gore then gets replaced with Patriots runner Jeremy Hill.

What’s more, according to Blogging the Boys, Peterson is being proactive with his signing possibilities and has had conversations with the Cowboys brass in the past. The devil is in the details, though, and the Cowboys may not be interested in spending $4.5 million on Peterson.

“Peterson is from Texas, and he and Jerry Jones once supposedly had a conversation about making something like this happen back when Peterson was the elite. The Cowboys are in the market for someone to complement Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield. But spending $4.5 million on that player seems a little far-fetched. A more affordable vet, or a draft pick, seems more like the answer.”

We will definitely keep you apprised of Peterson’s moves going forward, but for now, the Cowboys are a viable pick — if they’re willing to pay for him.