It sounds considerably more melodic when Wyclef Jean sings it, but when Tiffany Haddish just screams “Shakira! Shakira!” through a crowded backstage room at the VMAs it's a tad more off-putting. The comedian is taking some heat on social media for her rather intense pursuit of the Columbian pop star at the awards show on Tuesday.

Numerous online sources are posting video footage of Haddish screaming for the singer's attention through a crowded room to no avail. It's unclear if Shakira truly didn't hear Haddish or was intentionally trying to ignore her. At one point, Haddish even photobombs a picture Shakira is taking with a fan. The whole thing feels like a failed standup bit that Haddish overly commits to, then stays with for way too long in hopes it somehow eventually becomes funny… which sadly does not occur.

A few fans are coming to Haddish's defense online, suggesting she was just trying to shake up an otherwise uneventful VMAs, but most felt the scene was a bit of an embarrassment for the comedic actress. One commenter noted, “I need people to stop inviting her to these events.” Another user wondered, “How do you scream someone’s name as they ignore you right up til you are in their face. And they still ignore you. Are you not embarrassed????”

On the other hand, still others wonder if Shakira was in the wrong for ignoring Tiffany Haddish for so long. Whatever the context is that we're missing here, the video is certainly making the rounds today and this most likely isn't the last we'll hear on the subject.