Tom Brady's name doesn't come without obvious associations like his legend status in football, the cheating controversy, and now in his retirement he's done so much more. On Wednesday, however, his parenting skills came into question after he let his three kids boogie around on handheld jet skis, per TMZ.

The former quarterback and his children, Jack, Ben, and Vivian, enjoyed a summer vacation. But this time, maybe now that his kids are older, he let them fly through the ocean waters at high speed on jet skis. In a video of the children cruising around, Tom Brady wrote in the caption: “Not sure if this is good parenting or bad.”

Although, the post was shared with laughing emojis, so he doesn't seem to be worried. Maybe he's really just enjoying his retirement lifestyle. However, in 14 months, it's back to work for Fox broadcasting. Brady snagged the gig with Fox Sports in 2024. But that's not all he's doing.

Brady's selling his own apparel and wellness brands. He's also been acting, making an appearance in the feature film 80 for Brady last year, and joined advertisements for Hertz rental cars with actor and comedian Yvonne Orji. He also became a minority owner of the Raiders.

“I grew up in the Bay Area. My favorite team was the 49ers. The team across the bay was the Raiders. And, you know, they're an iconic NFL franchise,” Brady said. “When I look at a lot of the people that have impacted the NFL over a long period of time in the most positive way, (former Raiders owner and GM) Al Davis is one of them. And he's not with us anymore but I've heard incredible stories. And then the opportunity came about to become a minority owner in the Raiders, it was a dream come true for me.”