Wild Hearts just released a new gameplay trailer, showing off more of the game world, as well as its combat, weapons, and gadgets. Keep reading to learn more about what the game’s combat offers according to what the trailer shows us.

The 7-minute trailer was uploaded to Wild Heart’s official YouTube channel.

Wild Hearts weapons

The Wild Hearts gameplay trailer shows off three of the possible weapons that players can use when hunting down the Kemono in Wild Hearts.

The first featured weapon is the katana, which the first player had equipped. The katana seems to be one of the more basic weapon types we’ve seen so far. From what the gameplay shows, it has a decent reach, fast enough attack speed, and what I can only assume is decent damage. A well-rounded weapon, so to speak, but not boring. The trailer shows the katana having two additional features. The first is its ability to be imbued with fire, dealing additional damage to the enemies. This implies that elemental attacks may be a feature in the game. The second is the ability of the katana to extend and swing around like a whip. This was already in the initial trailer, but we can see it more in action in this one.

The second weapon that was shown was the bladed umbrella. Using umbrellas as weapons are not new in pop culture, as we have various cases of umbrellas concealing blades and the like. However, this umbrella is different in that it has blades on the tips of its ribs. The player with this weapon equipped was swinging the umbrella around while it was open, using it akin to a sword. The open umbrella also slowed the player’s fall, floating slowly down while in the air. The trailer doesn’t show if players could block with the umbrella, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they could.

The third featured weapon was somewhat confusing, as it appeared to be three weapons in one. When the third player that had this weapon equipped first jumped into the fight, the weapons took the form of tonfas. The tonfas allowed for fast attacks on the monster they were hunting. When the player sheathed their weapon, however, it took the form of a bo staff. This wasn’t just for show, however, as the player then proceeded to use their weapon as a bo staff. Afterward, they were charging their weapon up for a powerful attack. Instead of a tonfa or a bo staff, however, the weapon took the form of a gigantic shuriken, which they proceeded to throw at the enemy. Transforming weapons aren’t new to video games, and are always interesting to see.

Other than these three weapons, the first Wild Hearts trailer also showed a player using a bow for ranged attacks. Whether there will be other ranged weapons other than the bow, we’ll just have to wait and see. Every weapon in Wild Hearts will definitely cater to every player’s gameplay style.

Wild Hearts gadgets

Other than the weapons, the Wild Hearts gameplay trailer also showed off the buildable gadgets the player will have access to. The official website dubs these gadgets “ancient karakuri technology”. Karakuri, players should note, is not fictional. Karakuri is an actual Japanese technology and roughly translates to “mechanism” or “trick”. These were puppets or automatons that could do a basic task. In a way, the gadgets the players built throughout the trailer were mechanisms that did a basic task. Although we don’t yet know the exact name of this equipment, we will be calling them gadgets in this article for simplicity.

The following is a list of gadgets from the trailer. Please note that the name listed here are not the official names, and are just names derived from what they did in the trailer.

  • Helicopter glider: This karakuri gadget allows players to slowly glide in any direction they choose. It does not appear to let players hover like an actual helicopter. Used to go down from high places, or to quickly propel the player upwards before slowly gliding down.
  • Zipline ballista: This gadget shoots a zipline so that players can access different parts of the map. The trailer shows this as the fastest way to climb mountains.
  • Jump pad: This gadget propels the player forward and upwards in the direction it is facing. Used for avoiding terrain that could get in the player’s way, such as thick vines.
  • Platform: Not really a gadget as much as it is just a stationary platform that players can jump off from. Does not have any special gimmicks as far as we can see in the trailer.
  • Dash platform: Similar to the jump pad, this gadget is for mobility. Unlike the jump pad, however, it does not propel the player upwards. Instead, it just quickly launches the player in a direction of their choosing. This allows the player to relocate, either for avoiding attacks or to get in a better position for an attack.
  • Hammer: This gadget builds a comically large hammer. The hammer pulls back before swinging down strongly. This is one of the first buildable gadgets shown meant to attack the monster being hunted.
  • Wall: This gadget absorbs a monster’s attack. After absorbing it, the wall pushes the monster back.
  • Fireworks launcher: This gadget shoots fireworks in the sky, blinding the monster. This allows the monster to be attacked without fear of being attacked for a while.
  • Bomb: This gadget creates a bomb that lets off a huge explosion once detonated. The bomb detonates one of two ways. They either explode after a certain time or when the player hits it with their weapon.

Most of these gadgets, like the jump pad, have variable heights. This means that the player can build them on the ground itself, or up to three blocks in height, depending on their need.

Wild Hearts’ other gameplay features

The Wild Hearts gameplay trailer also shows off other game features. First off, the trailer shows that rather than dying once your hp goes to 0, it’s more similar to Monster Hunter’s fainting system. Players respawn after some time. This trailer also shows off that there are other monsters on the map other than the main monster. These monsters can be killed and carved for materials. Since smaller monsters are carvable, this also implies that the larger monsters are carvable as well. As mentioned before, the game has multiplayer. In both trailers so far, up to three Hunters were hunting the monsters together. Whether the multiplayer limit is three or not is still unconfirmed.

The player also has the ability to track down monsters while exploring. We can’t see if the player used a gadget or an item, however once used the player could see a physical guide leading to the monster. This makes it easier to track down the monster, as players will just have to follow the path the guide lays down for them.

Combined with the mobility provided by the gadgets, players can also dodge while on the ground. In the trailer, the hunter slides around to dodge the monster’s attacks and reposition themselves for better attacks. Proper positioning is important in this game, as body parts can be cut off from the monster. The player wielding an umbrella shows this in the trailer when they cut off the monster’s tusks. This most likely leads to better rewards, as well as decreasing the danger that the enemy brings to the hunter.

The special attacks that the katana has are not exclusive to it. All of the weapons in this game have their own special moves that players will need to discover on their own.

That’s all we have so far about the gameplay of Wild Hearts. For more details about its release, head on over to our article about it here.