Three Winston-Salem State basketball alumni will be hooping at Rucker Park this weekend. Former CIAA ballers Robert Colon, Raven Fields, and Cam Campbell will be featured in the HBCU All-Star Dream Classic. Colon and Campbell will play in the men's game and Raven Fields will play in the women's game. The HBCU All-Star Dream Classic was created to spotlight HBCU graduates and assist them in going pro.

The Winston-Salem State basketball graduates understand the magnitude of this moment.

“To me, the significance of playing in this game is that it’s the first, so I’m honored to be a part of history,” said Campbell, who transferred to Winston-Salem from Lincoln University of Pennsylvania. “It is being played at a historical park in Rucker Park and this a chance to shine and showcase major exposure on HBCUs as far as our culture, athletics, and history. I am honored to have been chosen to play in this event and look forward to showcasing my talents.”

Winston-Salem State basketball served as the standard bearer in CIAA in recent years as well as this past season. The Rams won the men's championship in the past 2023 CIAA Tournament, held in Baltimore, Maryland. They won their 13th championship in school history with a 62-57 win over Lincoln University of Pennsylvania. The Rams earned a bid to the NCAA Division II Tournament but lost to Indiana University of Pennsylvania in a close 52-50 defeat.

The Lady Rams also had a great season, netting a 16-9 regular-season record and an 11-5 conference record. The team, unfortunately, fell to Shaw University in the 2023 CIAA Tournament Quarterfinals.