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Wizards’ Jeff Green confirms Lakers’ Lance Stephenson did step on his foot in crossover

Jeff Green, Lance Stephenson, Lakers, Wizards

Lance Stephenson’s crossover move on veteran wing Jeff Green was about the lone reason for Los Angeles Lakers fans on an otherwise tumultuous season that’s fallen short of expectations. While the move and ensuing jumper was enough to make the Lakers bench go hog wild, the Washington Wizards vet confirmed Stephenson indeed stepped on his foot, which caused him to awkwardly backpedal.

“I can confirm that he did step on my foot, but run with it. I don’t care. He ‘crossed me,’ if that makes everybody happy,” said a nonchalant Green.

Upon reviewing the play, it’s clear Stephenson accidentally steps over Green’s foot, forcing him to stumble as he looked to square his body to guard Stephenson.

Green can’t care any less whether the video evidence shows it or not, as seen by his interview — a true class act and a great sport, telling the truth, yet still taking no credit away from Stephenson, who has put a few people on skates throughout his career.

Uncle Jeff is playing the part of mentor with this Wizards roster and clearly more focused on creating good habits for his teammates than what’s said about him in an otherwise lost season for Washington.