Wizards news: LaVar Ball slams John Wall as 'idiot' for shoe deal decision
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LaVar Ball slams John Wall as ‘idiot’ for shoe deal decision

LaVar Ball, John Wall

LaVar Ball makes a lot of wild and crazy statements, but he might actually have a point when it comes to the shoe deal that John Wall signed.

Wall is a superstar in this league, but he still went almost two years without having a shoe deal before signing with Adidas in January.

If it would have been LaVar though, he would have just created his own shoe, and went that route instead of getting stuck in a contract.

“The mindset has been set for so long,” LaVar told a staffer at the Professional Basketball Combine in Bradenton, Florida, as captured on camera by Hoop Journey via LonzoWire. “They just follow a pattern. People like John Wall, he’s like, ‘Someone should get me.’”

Wall thinks he could have made a lot more money, if he just created his own signature shoe, and did it his way, instead of going with Adidas.

“He’s an elite player and one of the best guards,” LaVar continued. “It’s like, ‘Dude, you’re a millionaire, make your own money’…Why are you waiting for Adidas or Nike or somebody to sign you to a shoe deal? The man’s an idiot.”

According to NiceKicks, Wall can make up to $10 million per year if he meets all the incentives, and the deal is for five years.

At the time he became a free agent he was hoping for a deal similar to the 13 years, $200 million dollar deal that James Harden had signed, but he agreed upon a deal for much less.