The Spanish national women's football team, including the Women's World Cup-winning squad, has decided to end their boycott and represent Spain again following an agreement reached with the country's football federation (RFEF), reported by ESPN. This decision comes after more than seven hours of meetings involving the players, RFEF officials, the National Sports Council (CSD), and the women's players' union FUTPRO. The players had initiated the boycott, stating they would not represent Spain until significant changes were made at the federation, which stemmed from an incident during the Women's World Cup presentation ceremony when former RFEF president Luis Rubiales kissed player Jenni Hermoso on the lips.

The resolution includes the creation of a joint commission between RFEF, CSD, and players to oversee the agreed-upon changes. While the exact details of the changes were not disclosed, it was confirmed that they would be announced soon.

FUTPRO President Amanda Gutierrez described the players' decision to end the boycott as a “rapprochement of positions” and the beginning of a long process of reconciliation.

Prior to this resolution, the players had questioned the legality of their inclusion in upcoming games and the timing of the call-up, stating that it did not comply with FIFA's parameters. However, they could have faced sanctions under Spain's Sports Act if they had refused the call-up, including fines of up to €30,000 ($32,000) and suspension of their federation license for two to 15 years.

Spain is set to participate in the Women's Nations League against Sweden and Switzerland, and the competition will determine the European teams that qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

The boycott had caused significant disruption within the national team, but with this agreement, the Spanish women's football team looks to move forward and continue representing their country on the international stage.