The USA Men's National Football Team are back in the big time. They managed to secure a place in this World Cup after missing out entirely during the 2018 festivities. But has everything really changed for the USMNT?

Their World Cup run hasn't been off to the best of starts, as they drew their opening group stage game against Wales. But it'll only get more difficult from here, with the USMNT slated to face group favorites England.

Thus, USMNT needs all the help they can get. And with perhaps a deep World Cup run being the mere subject of every American's wildest dreams, the USMNT Twitter account deemed it fit to call on the powers of renowned pop icon Taylor Swift to lead them to victory, referencing some of Swift's most famous songs in the process.

“@taylorswift13 we know you love your London Boy… but we’re gonna do our best to make Miss Americana proud today,” the post reads.

That is either cringeworthy or amusing, depending on one's affinity for Taylor Swift's music. The admin of the account may have had an epiphany that the USMNT could, indeed, win the great war against England later today. That would cause so much happiness to the hearts of every American, given how a potential victory could put the USMNT at such a safe and sound spot to make it to the knockout stage.

Nonetheless, Christian Pulisic and the rest of the squad must move forward from the Wales draw and shake it off for them to achieve happiness with a win. The Chelsea winger has definitely shown plenty of ability to become the superstar the team sorely needs to make a deep World Cup run sweeter than fiction. They will also be motivated to come out of the other side of the (locker room) door fearless, ready to jump then fall plenty of times over just to secure a much-needed victory.

Still, the USMNT know all too well that England, led by some of the best players in world football such as Harry Kane and Bukayo Saka, to name a few, will want to prove that their performance (a 6-2 victory over Iran) in the very first night of their quest to avenge their 2018 World Cup semifinals loss is no mere glitch.

A victory could move England out of the woods and into safety to the next stage, and they will want to win in style the way they did in their group-stage opener. Alas, England might still be haunted by their past against the USMNT, as they have lost and drawn two of their previous World Cup matches against the Americans.

The last time these two teams met in the World Cup was back in 2010, when the game finished in a 1-1 draw.

At the end of the day, the USMNT's Twitter post should, at the very least, pour gasoline to the fire of what promises to be a riveting matchup.