MyRISE returns in WWE 2K24, this time giving players even more reasons to complete everything in MyRISE, with rewards encompassing all other game modes. Apart from the rewards, there are inherent benefits to playing the game mode, with a more fleshed-out, more entertaining story that players can live through, produced by none other than WWE star Drew Gulak himself.

The first Ringside Report for this year focuses on the MyRISE game mode, where players can create a wrestler as their avatar and live through a career either as a man or a woman wrestler. This year's offering features two storylines just like last year, with Unleashed being the women's storyline and the Undisputed as the men's storyline.

Each career path offers its own interesting plot, its own opportunities to live a character and shine, and its own set of rewards to unlock. While this gives players a reason to embark on both paths, the diverging storylines available to play through in both campaigns will then give players a reason to replay the game mode all over again after initial completion.

Take Big Swings and Live the Fantasy in MyRISE Unleashed

In the women's storyline Unleashed, players take on the role of an indie darling who started her own promotion – TBD. The player character is someone who doesn't want to live by others' rules, and who doesn't want to fit in any box. This opens the opportunity for players to take on any fantastical role they've ever dreamt of playing as a wrestler.

Want to be a snarky heel? Check. A self-obsessed Hollywood star? Check. Become a supernatural character and follow in the footsteps of greats like The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt? Double Check. These are paths that you can now take as part of the WWE 2K24 MyRISE Unleashed story mode.

Apart from becoming these characters, players will also be able to unlock 3 new entrances and 2 new paybacks usable in other game modes as they explore each one of these archetypes. These will help “define what sort of heel, star, or supernatural character they want to be, with choices that will be reflected not only in dialogue, matches, and cutscenes but costumes and load screens.”

Players will also be able to play through optional storylines that feature new MyRISE original characters like Psycho Sally, giving players a better taste of the themes of Unleashed, as the indie darling finds her way to NXT in a parallel storyline to the player's character.

Take on the Head of the Table in Undisputed

Meanwhile, on the flip side of the coin we have Undisputed, the male MyRISE storyline. In this dystopian alternate timeline, Roman Reigns never loses his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and instead decides to vacate the title to follow his aspirations in Hollywood.

This opens a power vacuum in WWE, and you get the chance to fill it in. But even when you do win the strap, the fact that you didn't get to pin or submit WWE's greatest champion of all time proves to be a chip on your shoulder, and when Roman returns, he makes sure that you know that you haven't earned his respect.

The crux of the matter is that the Head of the Table won't even acknowledge your title reign until when you reach near his record-setting reign. And when he does, the player only has one shot at proving that you're the better wrestler and demand that he acknowledges you.

Star-studded Cast

Along the way, players will get to meet WWE superstars such as Cody Rhodes, “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio, Mick Foley, Shotzi, Roman Reigns, William Regal, and more, with each wrestler providing voice for over 6 hours worth of dialogue throughout both game modes.

For Undisputed, this includes dialogue from SmackDown GM The Miz, who offers his hellish services to the champion in trying to keep the title around his waist for as long as it needs, but it depends on the player on whether or not they'd like to take The Miz on his offer.

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For both Undisputed and Unleashed, William Regal plays the role of Raw GM. He will offer players guidance and advice in navigating the complicated ecosystem of the locker room. He may even just be there to lend you a shoulder when things get rough. But William will always be there to be your companion in both stories.

New Rewards and MyFACTION Cards

This year's WWE 2K24 MyRISE mode also has a lot of rewards for players to unlock – over 80 different unlockables including arenas, Paybacks, entrances, championship belts, and MyFACTION cards.

For the first time ever, MyRISE also plays into the expanded and improved MyFACTION mode. With the inclusion of jobbers and CAWs into MyFACTION, MyRISE will also include MyRISE-specific MyFACTION cards as unlockables.

These unlockables include fan-favorite characters such as Cole Quinn, Chosen, Slade, Tavish, and Xavier Woods' alter ego, Zero.

Players don't have to wait long to play through these interesting career modes. WWE 2K24 is set to have a release date of March 8, 2024, on PC through SteamPS4, PS5Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X, with owners of the Digital Deluxe and Forty Years of WrestleMania Editions gaining access to the game as early as March 5, 2024.