Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are married. They have a child together, call Monday Night RAW home together, and even interact from time to time on television, like when the “Visionary” noted his disappointment in his wife coming up short in the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder match.

In 2023, that's all both common knowledge and incredibly normalized, but when Lynch and Rollins first linked up all the way back in 2019, it was far less so, with “The Man” worried how fans, other wrestlers, and most importantly of all, WWE's creative staff would handle two of the promotion's top stars becoming an item.

Discussing what it was like to first connect with Rollins and the worry around it with Cosmopolitan UK, Lynch explained why she was reticent to go public with her relationship with how she initially struggled with being linked to her husband on-screen.

When I first started dating Seth, I had certain reservations about it being public,” Becky Lynch said via 411 Mania. “Not being public from the standpoint of in case things didn’t work out — I knew fairly early on that he was the one and that there wasn’t a more perfect person for me out there. But I was worried about us getting involved in a storyline in WWE and how that would be received. Trying to figure out that balance, it was harder for me than it was for him. I often felt awkward, like I’m a certain way in our personal life, and then I have to maintain a certain aura and a certain presence in the ring … I did struggle with that.”

Unfortunately for Lynch, she and Rollins were thrown into a shared storyline by WWE's creative department relatively early on in their relationship, with “The Man” noting that, “sure enough, we ended up in a storyline in WWE (with Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin) and it wasn’t the best.” Still, as time passed, Lynch and Rollins were able to settle into their own storylines, and even the former's pregnancy leave in 2021 didn't result in too much angst for either performer. For a promotion known for leaning into real-life relationships, sometimes to an obnoxious degree, the Rollins-Lynch family has been treated with surprising tact.

Becky Lynch discusses her separated shoulder at SummerSlam 2022.

As WWE marches towards its next Premium Live Event, SummerSlam, on August 5th, it's hard not to think about the injury Becky Lynch suffered at last summer's edition of the show, with “Big Time Becks” taking a brutal Glam Slam from Bianca Belair that separated her shoulder and put her out of action for four months.

Detailing the experience to Cosmopolitan UK, Lynch reveals that, for her money, that was the worst injury of her career.

“The worst move that went wrong in the ring was at my expense,” Lynch said. “It was a Glam Slam from Bianca Belair onto me last SummerSlam. I ended up separating my shoulder, and I was out for four months. So that would probably be the worst, which, touch wood, we're doing well.”

While it wasn't ideal to see Lynch go down with a shoulder injury at SummerSlam 2022, as WWE was hoping to build up a trios feud between “The Man,” Asuka, and the “EST” versus a debuting Damage CTRL – Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY – the real challenges came outside of the ring, as “Big Time Becks” had to accept that she isn't as invincible in the ring as she may like.

“Coming back from an injury was more mental than physical because I hadn't ever had an injury when I was in WWE that took me out for a substantial amount of time, and now I was out for four months,” Lynch said. “Especially when it initially happened, I had trouble picking up my daughter, and she didn't understand what was going on. So it kind of messed with my head a little bit in terms of, ‘I don't want to get hurt,' and so for the first time ever in my career, I was scared of getting hurt, and I'd never had that before. So, trying to figure out how to overcome that was a bit of an adjustment.”

Fortunately for “The Man,” Lynch was able to get back on track, and while she hasn't secured another championship win, she's been heavily featured on television and on multiple Premium Live Events. Finally back to being a babyface with the crowd at her back, don't be surprised if Lynch draws Rhea Ripley's number in the not-too-distant future, especially if IYO SKY sets her sights on Asuka.