After feuding on the penultimate edition of SmackDown, getting into it at the King and Queen of the Ring Kickoff event, and throwing jabs at each other on social media, Cody Rhodes marched down to the ring in Saudi Arabia on the Blue Brand's go-home show to address the crowd in Jeddah, but unfortunately, he wouldn't be given the first words in his solo segment.

That's right, just as Rhodes was getting ready to ask the crowd what they wanted to talk about, Logan Paul marched down to the ring to interrupt his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship foe, revealing why he's going to leave Saudi Arabia as a double champion.

“For the third time I'm walking down the aisle in Saudi Arabia with a championship in my sights. And unfortunately this time, you're the victim because tomorrow night, brother, I'm walking out of here with the Undisputed Title on my shoulder,” Logan Paul told fans in Saudi Arabia. “Yeah, the one you're holding right now as well as the United States Championship. Cause I've got some facts for you, Cody Rhodes: while you may have the edge in experience, brother, I'm smarter than you. All that bleach must be getting into Cody's brain is making him dumb. Cause here's one thing I know Cody, I'm certainly a better athlete than you, a better entertainer than you and a better performer than you. And for anyone out there who think I need to use cheap tactics to win you're wrong, just yesterday you saw me give my brass knuckles to Michael Cole and you have my word that I will not use them in the match tomorrow.”

“Logan, maybe you're smarter than me,” Cody Rhodes admitted. “Sure, I'm not an idiot, and my experience would lead me to believe that you're just a scared, scared kid. You're afraid that somebody is going to see you as a fraud in WWE; a YouTuber pretending to be a pro wrestler. Cosplay. Truth is Logan, I don't believe that, I have seen just how good you are, but I've also seen that you have a case of imposter syndrome, and standing in this ring with me face to face, my gut and my experience would lead me to believe that you've got another set of knuckles on you right now.”

While Paul attempted to convince everyone that he was a man of his word, Rhodes didn't believe it, and with the help of a referee, the “American Nightmare” found that his foe had, in fact, brought a second set of brass knuckles to the show just in case. Still, Paul wasn't going to go easily, as he still wanted to use his promo time to send a message to the “Maverick.”

Cody Rhodes vows to prove he's better than Logan Paul.

Clearly caught in the act, Logan Paul tried to talk himself out of it, going so far as to hand off the knucks to the “American Nightmare.”

“Okay, hey, I don't know how those got there. These aren't even my pants, bro. No, these are my brother's pants. I don't even wear Prada, dog. I'm from Ohio,” Logan Paul hilariously declared. “Nah nah, come on! Okay, alright, listen, take them, bro, fine; I wasn't being 100 percent truthful, but now I will be. I can explain look, I said I wouldn't use them in the match tomorrow, Cody. Those were for my protection, what if you came out here and tried to attack me by the way, you have them now, and they're illegal so maybe I don't know, police, or security or something? Escort him out or whatever. Come on Cody! Nothing changes, I do not need brass knuckles to beat you, Cody; I'm better than you! I'm keeping everything from you! Keep those because tomorrow, I'm going to beat you fair and square!”

Before Paul could leave the ring, Rhodes decided to send one final message to everyone in the arena, letting the “Maverick” know that he's on a different level because he simply cares more.

“One more thing, you see these? These are the difference between you and I, it's a crutch for everything that you've done in your career it's a way to check another box. It's a way to get another click,” Cody Rhodes declared. “This title, on the other hand, it's my whole life. It's all I ever wanted to be, everything ounce of blood, every drop of sweat, every cheer from these fans, it's the thing people love and hate about my family, the Rhodes are as real as real gets. You said last we that I was saying the same thing as other guys so allow me to say something new; I don't think of you as a YouTuber, I believe that you're a pro wrestler, I believe that you're a WWE Superstar but until you stop treating this as part-time, until you dedicate yourself heart and soul, until you respect the rign that we are standing in, you will never, and I mean never be on my level. You will never be Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, and tomorrow, I'm going to beat you so bad, kid, you'll regret having ever stepped in the ring with me.”

And just like that, the build-up was done; all that's left is to wrestle the match in Saudi Arabia and give fans a finish one way or another.