Liv Morgan is WWE’s Smackdown Women’s Champion. Though she didn’t win the belt under the most prestigious of circumstances, as she opted to cash the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase in on Ronda Rousey after her match with Natalya at Money in the Bank the “Premium Live Event” instead of surviving an all-out war in the middle of the ring for the belt “fair and square,” Morgan followed the letter of the law and secured a title for the first time in her career.

And yet, ever since, it seems like the WWE Universe has been looking for every possible excuse to tear her efforts down. From Rousey’s continued tongue lashings, to Shayna Baszler’s smear campaign before Clash at the Castle, Morgan has consistently found herself overlooked by “real” fighters who mixed it up in an MMA ring before they arrived in The Fed; considering her all flash without the substance to back it up.

This, understandably, didn’t rub Morgan the right way.

A lifelong fan of professional wrestling who famously went to Extreme Rules as a fan, Morgan may have largely performed as a “traditional” professional wrestler through the first seven years of her professional career, but she isn’t afraid to mix it up and really get “extreme” when the opportunity presents itself.

That opportunity came on her first SmackDown appearance after Clash at the Castle, when Morgan was afforded a match against former Vince McMahon favorite Lacey Evans. Though the match wasn’t all that different from a typical Morgan television match, that all changed towards the end, when Evans pulled out a kendo stick and introduced it into the match. Morgan won the match with her typical Oblivion finisher and then began beating the heck out of Morgan before laying her out on a table and crashing through her with a massive bomb from the top rope.

Pretty extreme, right? Well, on the very next episode of SmackDown, she followed it up with an appearance after Rousey’s segment on the mic where she took to the ring with a baseball bat and showed the “Rowdy One” what it was all about.

Needless to say, after being separated by a half dozen security guards, Morgan went to the back and brooded, seemingly waiting for someone to ask about what had just transpired. Fortunately, WWE sent an interviewer to the back to do just that, and when asked about whether or not she can wait until Extreme Rules to face off against Rousey following their massive brawl outside of the ring, Morgan went all-in on the topic.

“I can’t wait, that’s the thing, I literally can’t wait,” Morgan interjected while holding her baseball bat. “I am counting down the days until Extreme Rules. I heard what Ronda said, and she’s right; she is the most dangerous unarmed woman on the planet, and she wondered what she could do with a bat. Well, I wondered that too, so I brought her one and what did she do? She walked away. She still doesn’t respect me, but at Extreme Rules, she will.”

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Goodness, Morgan is taking this babyface thing in a weird direction, which is totally fine with her.

Liv Morgan doesn’t mind being polarizing to WWE fans.

When asked by Metro about the reaction to her current championship run, which has been largely positive but far from universally so, Morgan said she was fine with any reaction as long as she got one, comparing her reaction to that of John Cena, one of her favorite performers and one of the more polarizing champions in recent WWE history, as passed along by Fightful.

“It’s ok!” Morgan replied. “I understand the reaction in a weird way, so I didn’t take it personally, necessarily. The funny thing is, in wrestling, in WWE, all you want is a reaction. So, even though it maybe wasn’t the desired reaction, it’s still polarising. As long as we’re getting a reaction, I’m ok! And I’m still champion, so I’m more than OK.”

“He’s the best of the best, who’s considered the ultimate babyface, went through years and years and years of “Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks”. So, if that’s how I’m treated, I will be ok with that.

Will Morgan ever live up to the same level of success as Cena? No, probably not; no offense to Morgan, but Cena is one of the most decorated stars in WWE history, and few will ever reach his level of success. Still, if getting a reaction from fans is her top priority, then this new, extreme side appears to be doing the job very well.