After securing the biggest win of his WWE career, becoming the new United States Champion with a commanding win over Rey Mysterio, Logan Paul went into a bit of a late Fall hibernation in the WWE Universe, taking a few weeks off to sit back and watch his fellow roster members on both RAW and SmackDown go to War(Games) at the final Big 4 Premium Live Event of the year, Survivor Series.

Fortunately, November is over, and as a result, Paul finally has to stop taking suggestive pictures with his first-ever WWE Championship and instead get down to the business of defending it. But who would he wrestle? Would Paul have to take on Dragon Lee, Mystero's understudy, considering he's out of action due to surgery? Or maybe he'd have to take on Santos Escobar, as he took care of Lee at Survivor Series and put Mysterio on the shelf in the first place.

Ever the businessman, Paul worked out a solution that works out very well for himself indeed, as he shared with the WWE Universe on SmackDown.

“To every friend who stabbed me in the back. To every hater who prayed on my downfall. I got a question for you: WHERE! ARE! YOU! NOW!!!” Logan Paul shouted to the crowd. “I don’t understand, don’t y’all get it by now? The more you hope that I fail, the harder I work. And the harder I work, the more I win. And the more I win, the more I get to stand up here and say YEAH! YEAH! YEAH YEAH YEAH! AHHHH!!! And to all you jealous Superstars backstage who are mad at me cuz you’ve been doing this your whole life, and I’m the fastest rising star in WWE history, you want this US Title? Yeah, of course you do. It’s been on my junk just like y’all have since I got here. But a champion is only as good as his challengers. And since Rey Mysterio got injured, I couldn’t give him the rematch I was so excited for. So I got good news. I spoke with Nick Aldis, and we have created a tournament to determine my next challenger. The tournament will start next week and features eight Superstars. Santos Escobar, Dragon Lee, Karrion Kross, an NXT Superstar – could be anyone – Bobby Lashley, Grayson Waller, Austin Theory, and of course, Kevin Owens. And I can guarantee whoever wins this tournament is gonna have a nightmare trying to take this belt away from me. Because…”

Unfortunately for Paul, he never learned the oldest trick in the professional wrestling book, as when he mentioned the name of the “Prize Fighter,” KO marched down to the ring in order to cut him down to size.

Kevin Owens vows to get all up in Logan Paul's business.

Walking into the ring fresh off his suspension, Kevin Owens let Logan Paul know that, given this opportunity, he plans to make the most of it and finally shut him up once and for all.

“You wanna talk about a nightmare? This, you in my ring is a nightmare,” Kevin Owens said as he got into the ring. “You know, the first time I ever saw you was like ten years ago on that app, Vine, right? And back then it only took me six seconds to figure out you’re an unbearable jacka**. You wanna talk about junk? The only junk around here is that crap drink you pedal. And now, guess what? I’m here to tell you I’m in this tournament, so that nightmare’s about to end, because your days as US Champion are numbered, buddy.”

“You know it’s funny, Kevin,” Paul responded. “Because you call yourself a ‘Prize Fighter.’ But buddy, I’ve been in the ring with the greatest boxer in the world, and if you and I fought, six seconds is five more than I need to KO you.”

“I’ll never take this away from you: you’re very clever,” KO noted. “But here’s the thing. That’s another world. This ring, this WWE, it’s my world. You understand that?”

Oh snap, this is actually a really good storyline, one that was unfortunately interrupted by the dynamic duo of A-Town Down Under, who parlayed their issues with KO into an impromptu match with the “Maverick” on commentary. Fortunately, after securing the win, Owens is not heading into this mini-tournament with some wind behind his sails, and he likely intends to ride that all the way to a United States Championship match against the “ImPaulsive One,” even if any match featuring Paul has to be considered a two, three, or even four-on-one considering how deep the Prime founder rolls into the ring.