When Liv Morgan declared her desire to wrestle Ronda Rousey in an Extreme Rules match at WWE's conveniently named “Premium Live Event,” Extreme Rules, it was always going to be an uphill battle to retain her belt. Sure, Morgan has proven her hardcore credential somewhat in the leadup to the match, as her big-time spot with Lacey Evans will live forever in her hype package, but she's set to wrestle one of the most physically dominant professional fighters in history, and even a baseball bat won't be enough to overcome a woman's whose entire body can be used as a weapon.

Still, Morgan marched down to the ring with her bat in an Extreme Rules-themed outfit and gave it her best swing, hitting Rousey with a few good shots before losing her bat outside of the ring and watching her chances of winning fall as a result.

It all started when Rousey secured the bat outside the ring, where she hit Morgan with a “Bryce Howard” swing, as Michael Cole would say. While Morgan tried to counter that swing, plus a steady hammering of hits while tied up near the steps with a fan-requested table, recreating her SmackDown senton in an impressive spot in the process, it proved too little too late; Rousey tied up Morgan in a leg sleeper and put the smiling star to sleep. By the referee's decision, Morgan lost her championship and opened her eyes to Rousey holding the strap over her head as the galavanting victor.