Though it feels like they’ve been working together forever, Sami Zayn has only been part of WWE’s The Bloodline for roughly six months, when he started hanging around the faction shortly after WrestleMania. Since then, Zayn has weaseled his way into (almost) every member of the faction’s heart, including Solo Sikoa, who wasn’t even a member of the group at the time, and even earned an official title, becoming the “Honorary Uce” in one of the most entertaining segments WWE has committed to screen in years.

But what is it about Zayn that elevates The Bloodline from one of the top factions in WWE into something… more? Something that transcends a familial faction and becomes a sort of pop culture experience that draws millions of interactions on social media, gets fans through the gates, and then gets them to cheer phrases like “Ucey” and “We want Sami” even when he isn’t booked on the show.

Is it his charm? His wit? His willingness to be the butt of any joke, no matter how ridiculous? Or could it be that Zayn is just a radically different personality than the rest of the Anoa’i wrestling family, and the energy and eagerness he brings to the table present different opportunities for Sikoa, Roman Reigns, and The Usos, Jimmy, and Jey, to work and explore different elements of their respective characters. Fortunately, with Survivor Series WarGames officially here and The Bloodline booked as one of the teams in the show’s main event, Zayn sat down with the fine folks over at BT Sport to discuss just that.

Sami Zayn brings something new out of the WWE Undisputed Universal Champ.

Speaking with Rob Armstrong on The Run-In for BT Sport, Zayn was asked if he saw a 2021 BT Sport interview with Reigns where he complimented the man formerly known as “Underdog From The Underground.” Zayn acknowledged that he did and went on to explain how his addition to The Bloodline not only added depth to the group but also to “The Head of the Table’s” character, as transcribed by Fightful.

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“I did hear it, and I did go up to him, and I said, ‘I really appreciate that, I’m honored that you view me in that light, and it would be nice to work together,'” Zayn said. “We had talked a little bit about the possibility of doing some on-screen stuff because I get the rub from being on-screen with him, it hypes the fan investment in me and gets them to see me on a higher level. For him, I do think there are some benefits as well because I provide a foil for him that allows him, as a character, to let his guard down a little bit, and we can see a different side of Roman Reigns. Not only him personally, but I think any performer wants to add that level of depth to the character, so you’re not just one thing. I don’t want to speak for him, but I’m sure he doesn’t want to just be the Head of the Table, really serious guy, he wants to have some range and show his chops and acting ability and full depth of his character, as I would think most of us do. I don’t think anybody wants to be pigeonholed as any one simple thing that fans figure you out. If they figure you out, they get bored of you. They need to see that this is a complex person with layers. The positive, for Roman — I obviously get tons of positives being on-screen with Roman — the positive for Roman is being able to show a different side of his character that makes him a bigger star because you’re getting to see more of him. He’s such a big star, fans want to know more about him. He only gives them so much, and now we get to give them a little bit more.”

Is Zayn’s assertion correct? Yes, yes, 1000 times so; Zayn’s assertion into The Bloodline has provided a peak behind the curtain into every member of the faction, from Jimmy’s accepting nature to Jey’s paranoia about being replaced in the group’s pecking order and even Sikoa’s softer side, but Reigns specifically has benefitted the most from adding the fifth and final member of The Bloodline to The Bloodline. Even if their pairing won’t last forever, the ephemeral nature of the situation in the grand scheme of wrestling history, in a way, makes it all the more special. WWE fans, the world has existed for billions of years, and you live at the same time as The Honorary Uce – now that is special.