For the second time in as many shows, Shotzi came to the aid of her fellow former NXT star Raquel Rodriquez while she attempted to best a member of WWE’s Damage CTRL, in a match that would routinely turn into a 3-on-1 affair.

But why? Is Shotzi looking to join forces with Rodriquez? Could a trio of Shotzi, Aliyah, and Rodriquez be rapidly forming to challenge Damage CTRL’s reign atop both RAW and SmackDown? Fortunately, Meghan Morant caught up with the former Blackheart after SmackDown to ask her just that.

“I respect Raquel,” Shotzi told Morant. “I think she’s a tough cookie, but my objective is Damage CTRL and getting rid of them. They are jerks, they are bullies, and it’s real easy to intimidate when it’s three on one, but they can expect the ‘ballsy badass’ to show up every single time.”

Fortunately, Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY won't have to worry about Shotzi running out in the middle of a match moving forward like she did for the NXT Championship rematch between Rodriquez and her former developmental tag team partner on the next episode of SmackDown. No, the trio will know exactly when Shotzi will show up, as she has a scheduled match with Bayley and will finally get to get her hands on her between the ropes and between the bells.

Will Shotzi be able to overcome the “Role Model” in their first singles match ever? Well, considering WWE has reportedly taken her tank back on the road, the chances just went up.