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Aaron Judge reveals concerning injury update that should worry Yankees fans

Aaron Judge Yankees injury

Aaron Judge hit the big bomb that led to the New York Yankees’ recent comeback win over the Minnesota Twins. Despite the clutch hit in the 8th, the bulky slugger admitted that he still wasn’t at 100%.

Judge’s admission makes it even more impressive that he came up big for the Yankees:

Just a day before, Aaron Judge was pulled from their subway series game against the Mets because he was feeling “dizzy”. The Yankees outfielder noted that he “kept hoping it would pass” but proved too much for him to continue to keep playing.

It’s a welcome sight that he’s back on the field, and hitting clutch homers for the Yankees at that, but he admits that it felt like he took a massive tackle on the football field. Neither do they know what’s wrong with him just yet, which obviously makes it harder to treat him for whatever is ailing him.

Via Dan Martin of the New York Post:

“Not 100 percent. It came out of nowhere [on Sunday]. I’ve gotten my bell rung a couple times in football, and it kind of felt like that.

“My vitals are good,’’ Judge continued. “We just don’t know what it is.”

Here’s to hoping Aaron Judge and the Yankees medical team figure out what the problem is. Or better yet, for it to no longer resurface so that the man can focus on hitting dingers.