New York Yankees starting pitcher Carlos Rodon had a solid first game as a Yankee against the Chicago Cubs, but has followed that up with two bad outings against the Colorado Rockies and the Los Angeles Angels, and he got brutally honest about his approach heading into his next start against the New York Mets on Wednesday.

“I'm not happy with my performance, but I don't think it's one of those things where, ‘Oh panic! I suck now,'” Carlos Rodon said, via Greg Joyce of the New York Post. “No, I suck in this moment. I suck right now. I do. I know that. So what do I need to do to not suck or suck less? That's kind of what this week [has been about].”

His second start is a touch environment, in Colorado against the Rockies, but the start against the Angels angered some Yankees fans, especially when he was blowing kisses to hecklers above the dugout. Rodon has taken accountability, but still has the mindset that he will go out and pitch well in the next game.

“Hell, even after Colorado, I went into that start in Anaheim thinking i was going to shove,” Rodon said, via Joyce. “That's what I always think. I think I'm going to kick everybody's a**. That's the mentality I have to have, that's the mentality you better have in this game, especially as a pitcher. But I didn't. So it goes back to the drawing board.”

Rodon will start on Wednesday against the Mets. The Yankees sit in last place in the American League East, and are trying to keep themselves afloat so they can be buyers at the trade deadline and until Aaron Judge makes his awaited return.