The New York Yankees have been rolling of late, winning seven of their last 10 games and solidly pulling into third place in the American League East. Their fans are starting to feel more like themselves, too. A recent pick-up by a divisional rival fully unleashed that signature Bronx flare.

The Baltimore Orioles signed outfielder Aaron Hicks Tuesday, just days after the Yankees released and put a merciful end to one of the more consistently subpar tenures in recent franchise history. Fans were dismayed, excessively amused and even a bit concerned following the unexpected move.

“The Orioles really looked at all their OF prospects who are raking and said, ‘Nah, I’d rather have Aaron Hicks.' Some organizations can’t get out of their own way,” Eric Samulski of AM NY Sports tweeted.

Baltimore is two games ahead of New York and impressively boasts the third-best record in the AL. Its ample farm system is paying dividends at the big league level, so it is a bit surprising for the club to scoop up Hicks and his career .230 batting average. Add in the -1 outs above average, and one would assume there are safer options to replace the injured Cedric Mullins (10-day IL with strained groin).

The veteran simply does not look like a viable MLB producer in 2023. But sometimes a change of scenery gives a struggling athlete an unforeseen jolt. Hicks' quest for redemption comes after Gary Sanchez's super brief stint with the New York Mets. Many forecast a similar fate for the eight-year Yankee.

“The Orioles are going to find out in about 3 games why Aaron Hicks was released in the first place, and by next week he and Gary Sanchez will be putting for bogey together at Wingfoot,” NYY Recaps said.

No one knows what Camden Yards has in store for Aaron Hicks, but rest assured, Yankees fans will riot if he goes on a tear with the O's. In the meantime, probably best not to lose sleep over this minor move.