New York Yankees fans got quite the scare on Tuesday after Jon Heyman of the New York Post reported that Aaron Judge “appears headed” to the San Francisco Giants. Apparently, though, that is not true.

Minutes after dropping what would have been a bombshell news, Heyman admitted his mistake and said that he jumped the gun on the Judge-Giants deal. According to him, the san Francisco franchise has not yet heard from the slugger.

The Giants are the biggest threat to the Yankees in the Judge sweepstakes, and a lot of people are waiting for the reigning AL MVP to make his decision. With that said, it's not surprising why the news sent MLB Twitter into meltdown.

Here's how fans reacted after hearing the initial report about the Judge-Giants deal:

After it was revealed that no deal has been made yet, many fans were quick to roast Heyman for his report. After all, he did nearly give a lot of people a heart attack with his shocking update.

It remains to be seen what Aaron Judge will do with his free agency, though the news about his deal with the Giants–despite being premature–isn't a good sign for the Yankees. After all, does it mean the two sides are working on a contract now and things just aren't final as of the moment?

Whatever the case may be, Yankees fans will need to hold their breath until Judge makes his decision official.