The character creation feature of Cyberpunk 2077 has brought a lot of memes given that players are free to choose the size of their private organs. But it can also be a nuisance as players can only view their characters when they face a mirror or reflection.

But this can be addressed as there have been mods that allow you to change the game's perspective. A video published by MAD MAX, revealed a detailed procedure on how this can be achieved.  There are also instructions in the video's description to guide you.

This is definitely a fresh experience for players who want to experience the Cyberpunk appeal where the appearance of their characters can be involved. This is a must have for players who love to see if their choice of apparel fit with the atmosphere and tone of the game.

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Though this is a fun experiment to consider, there are still some flaws noted. The video revealed that the third-person perspective isn't really enticing as the character movements look clunky and buggy. This could ruin the experience as the dystopian sci-fi setting that the game features is now becoming a meme fixture. This mod really showed the flaws of CD Projekt Red in developing this game and more could be revealed as the days go by.

Besides nitpicking on the game's flaws, the mods open numerous possibilities for the game to be creative. Modders can now explore on other ways to bring the craziness in the sci-fi filled universe of Cyberpunk. Imagine having a GTA-level playerbase where tanks and nuclear bombs become a possibility.

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