Derrick Rose was his usual, calm self sitting in front of the New York media earlier this week. His words for his Knicks teammates may not have been fiery in his tone, but they were in his message.

D-Rose was vocal about the mindset that his teammates must adapt to next season, focusing on one word: accountability.

“I think what this year’s all about is accountability,” said Rose. “Like being able to not get in your feelings or taking it personal when somebody’s coming over and giving you constructive criticism. As a man and as a professional, you’re supposed to understand that. Y’all can talk shit back to each other here and now of get mad, but you leave it on the court after practice or after that game or after that moment.”

Derrick Rose didn’t single out any player, and he likely was referencing more than one. But it’s hard not to see him hinting at least slightly at Julius Randle, who was quite vocal about his displeasure with public criticism after a tumultuous Knicks season.

“If the last guy can’t tell the star that you missed a coverage, something’s wrong, and it’s vice versa. You should be able to take that and understand ‘I got you’ instead of being mad,” Derrick Rose continued.

It was far from good vibes last season for Julius Randle and the Knicks. With the addition of Jalen Brunson and a leap from RJ Barrett, perhaps they can rediscover the magic they found two seasons ago. But it all likely starts with Derrick Rose’s main point — accountability — when it comes to putting it all together next season.