The slam dunk contest is one of the spectacles to watch during the NBA All-Star weekend. Throughout NBA history, we’ve seen the best dunkers in the league showcase their freakish athleticism in the annual dunking exhibition.

From using cars, candles, and even grown men, dunkers have a lot of things at their disposal to show basketball fans the best dunk they have to offer. Although some dunk contests are forgettable, others will be remembered forever. Let’s rank the 10 best NBA Slam Dunk contests of all time.

10. 2020

The 2020 slam dunk contest was a neck-and-neck affair, combined with a little sprinkle of nostalgia. Dwight Howard paid homage to his victory at the 2008 Slam Dunk contest. But more importantly, he also gave a nod to former slam dunk contest winner and Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant.

But in the battle for dunking supremacy, after registering 50-point dunks, both Derrick Jones and Aaron Gordon faced off. Unfortunately, the dunk contest championship remained elusive for Gordon as Jones tallied the better the dunk by scoring 48 and 47 in the final frame.

9. 2008

When it comes to athleticism, the 2008 Slam Dunk Contest was littered with plenty of it. Gerald Green showcased some of the most explosive dunks, with the help of a ladder and a candle.

However, Dwight Howard emerged as the defending champion after pulling off a Superman-like dunk and an extremely underrated tap dunk. It would be the first and only time Howard won the slam dunk title.

8. 2003

The 2003 slam dunk contest was a spectacle to watch primarily due to the faceoff between reigning champion Jason Richardson and Desmond Mason.

While neither athlete fell short in displaying their athletic gifts, it was Richardson who came out on top after pulling off a baseline between the legs reverse clutch dunk to earn the winning 50. Richardson finished the contest as a back-to-back slam dunk contest champion.

7. 2009

While Dwight Howard was ready to become superman again to defend his slam dunk contest title who knew that his kryptonite would be in the form of a 5-foot-9 dunker. Robinson showcased a flurry of athletic dunks. However, his emphatic night was capped off by a dunk over Dwight Howard to seal the deal.

This proved once again that even small guys can win a dunk contest. With the victory in 2009, Robinson earned another slam dunk contest title.

6. 1986

While Robinson wowed crowds by dunking over Howard, before him there was Spud Webb. Despite only standing at 5-foot-7, Webb defied the odds by outlasting teammate Dominique Wilkins, who was the defending champion.

Wilkins showcased his beautiful windmill dunks. However, he was upstaged by Webb, who elevated higher than ever, which was all the more impressive for a man his size.

5. 1988

With the event held in Chicago, defending champion Michael Jordan had his work cut out for him with a home-court advantage. But with Dominique Wilkins out to regain his slam dunk contest championship glory, it was a tight dunking affair.

But while both players showcased their amazing athletic gifts, Jordan edged out Wilkins after pulling off the iconic free-throw line dunk to become a back-to-back slam dunk contest champion.

4. 2015

At one point in the 2010s, the slam dunk contest ultimately lost excitement. However, it was Zach LaVine’s performance in 2015 that brought it back to life.

Including a space jam dunk and a couple of switcheroos in mid-air, LaVine displayed ultimate finesse and hang time while gliding for explosive finishes at the rim. With the contest, LaVine cemented himself as one of the best dunkers in the game by winning his first dunk contest championship.

3. 2011

The 2011 slam dunk contest was a showcase of extreme dunkers led by Blake Griffin, JaVale McGee, and DeMar DeRozan. DeRozan had an excellent second dunk that saw him bounce his pass for an easy reverse glide for the finish.

McGee also amazed the crowd by dunking at two different rims simultaneously in mid-air. However, the ultimate winner of the contest was Blake Griffin, who completed an alley-oop slam over a car.

2. 2000

Great individual performances at the slam dunk contest don’t come so often in the event. In 2015, we got Zach LaVine. However, in 2000, it was Vince Carter who dominated the contest.

From windmill 360 dunks to elbow-hanging rim rockers, Carter proved to everyone why he was described as half man, half amazing. In fact, Carter outlasted Steve Francis and teammate Tracy McGrady during the epic dunking showdown.

1. 2016

After Zach LaVine brought life back to the dunk contest in 2015, a year later, the fans were in for a treat to see the most epic dunk contest in history. In a tight contest that saw LaVine and Aaron Gordon pull off the most impossible dunks, people could argue that both LaVine and Gordon deserved to be co-winners of the event.

However, despite Gordon jumping over a mascot for an under-the-legs dunk, it was LaVine’s windmill free-throw slam dunk that made him a winner of the contest.