It's safe to say that the annual NBA All-Star Game is filled with the brightest stars of the league. Although the exhibition doesn't have any bearing in the regular season, getting selected is a solid validation that further cements a basketball star's legacy. In fact, several Hall of Famers have taken part in the NBA All-Star Game, a handful of which would go on to be named the All-Star Game MVP.

Although most All-Stars would take over during their primes, some managed to dominate the games during their first or second time around. Let's take a look at the 10 youngest All-Star Game MVPs.

10. Kobe Bryant

Age: 23 years and 168 days old

The Black Mamba would go on to make 18 All-Star Game appearances in his career. However, some would argue that the 2002 edition was special.

With the West dominating the East, 135-120, Kobe Bryant registered 31 points, five rebounds, and five assists to earn his first All-Star Game MVP award. Later on, Bryant would garner a total of four, tied for the most in NBA history.

9. Kevin Durant

Age: 23 years and 149 days old

Considered to be one of the most elite scorers in NBA history, Kevin Durant shined the brightest in the All-Star festivities during the 2012 edition. Although he missed out on the Three-Point Shooting Contest that year, Durant made up for it by taking over the 2012 All-Star Game.

He scored 36 points and grabbed seven rebounds. Durant won his second All-Star Game MVP Award in 2019.

8. Wilt Chamberlain

Age: 23 years and 40 days old

Not a lot of players can match up well with Wilt Chamberlain. That was the same story in the 1960 All-Star Game.

Chamberlain used his size to control the game. In fact, he dropped a stat line of 23 points and 25 rebounds to help the East beat the West, 125-115.

7. Bob Pettit

Age: 23 years and 42 days old

Known as the first NBA MVP, Bob Pettit was also one of the youngest to ever win the NBA All-Star Game MVP Award. Despite being younger compared to his All-Star Game counterparts, Pettit shined brightly after tallying a monster double-double of 20 points and 24 rebounds.

He would go on to win three more All-Star Game MVP Awards in his career to be tied for the most in history along with Bryant.

6. Ed Macauley 

Age: 22 years and 341 days old

Ed Macauley is a name that rings a bell, especially for Boston Celtics fans. Aside from helping the team win an NBA championship, Macauley is also known as the first-ever NBA All-Star Game MVP Award winner. He produced 20 points and six rebounds in the Eastern All-Stars' victory.

5. Rick Barry

Age: 22 years and 283 days old

Five years prior to 1967, the East dominated the West for quite some time. Fortunately, a young Rick Barry decided to play and exploded for 38 points to end the five-year slump for the Western Conference at the All-Star Games.

4. Isiah Thomas

Age: 22 years and 270 days old

Isiah Thomas easily made his mark as part of the Detroit Pistons' iconic Bad Boys era. But at the 1984 All-Star Game, Thomas made history as one of the youngest players to ever win the prestigious All-Star Game MVP award.

He led the East with 21 points and dished out 15 assists. Thomas won his second All-Star Game MVP Award two years later.

3. Oscar Robertson

Age: 22 years and 54 days old

Oscar Robertson established himself as one of the best all-around players in the NBA. In fact, the Big O once averaged a triple-double during the regular season. At the 1961 All-Star Game, Robertson showcased his all-around game by flirting with a triple-double, finishing with 23 points, nine rebounds, and 14 assists.

2. Kyrie Irving

Age: 21 years and 325 days old

When the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted Kyrie Irving, the franchise knew that he was going to be special. Thanks to his elite scoring and ball-handling, Irving turned heads as one of the rising stars in the NBA. His popularity only soared during the 2014 All-Star Game when he put up 31 points and 14 assists to become the second-youngest All-Star Game MVP.

1. LeBron James

Age: 21 years and 51 days old

The youngest player to ever win the All-Star Game MVP was LeBron James during only his second All-Star Game appearance. Despite playing alongside seasoned veterans, James shined the brightest for the East. He exploded for 29 points to go along with six rebounds and four assists to take the first of this three All-Star Game MVP awards.

It's worth noting that James currently has the most All-Star selections by a player with 20 and 12 years later became one of the oldest NBA All-Star Game MVPs. Furthermore, he's also the All-Star Game's leading scorer of all time.