It's the 2022 Champions League Final as Manchester City faces Inter Milan and we are excited to see who scores first. We're here to share our 2023 Champions League Final odds series, making top prop bets prediction for anytime goalscorer. 

We are in Istanbul! It is time for the 2023 Champions League Final! Manchester City battles Inter Milan for the right to call themselves the best. However, this article is all about who will score. Let's first meet the players.

Erling Haaland is the man in Manchester City. Amazingly, he had nine goals in the U20 World Cup in 2019. Julian Alvarez would be a top guy on any other team. Significantly, he had six goals in a game for River Plate in 2022. They are a deadly duo on the pitch and an ultimate force for any defense to counter.

Phil Foden is probably the third-best striker on the team. Likewise, Riyad Mahrez is excellent all over the field. The final two players that we believe may score are Kevin De Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan. Now, it will be interesting to see who can find the back of the net.

Here are the Top Prop Bets within the soccer odds, courtesy of FanDuel. 

2023 Champions League Final Odds: Anytime Goalscorer Prop Bets Odds

Erling Haaland: -140

Julian Alvarez: +145

Phil Foden: +250

Riyad Mahred: +250

Kevin De Bruyne: +260

Ilkay Gundogan: +350

Why Haaland Will Score

Haaland is one of the best strikers in the game. However, he has not scored since May 14. It is not a slump. Regardless, he has not found the back of the net in over three weeks. Haaland finished with 52 goals in the English Premier League. Additionally, he had 12 goals in 10 Champions League matches. Haaland has one goal in two matches in the EFL Cup. Furthermore, he now has 255 goals in his career.

Haaland can strike from all over the field. Ultimately, he has the best chance to score because of his sheer ability and intelligence. Haaland will score in this champions league final because he has the best gamesmanship and superb talent.

Why Alvarez Will Score

Alvarez is an exceptional talent. However, he also has not scored since May 21. Alvarez produced nine goals in 31 EPL matches. Additionally, he had three goals in 10 Champions League matches. Alvarez has produced one goal in two EFL Cup matches. Now, he looks to strike in this Champions League Final. Alvarez has a great chance to score because Inter Milan will likely key in on Haaland. Furthermore, their extra attention to Haaland will ultimately free up Alvarez to make his way toward the goal and strike.

Why Foden Will Score

But what about Foden? He is exceptional on the pitch and can strike at any time. Ultimately, he hopes to score more than he has done recently. Foden had 11 goals in 32 EPL matches. Additionally, he only had one goal in seven Champions League matches. Foden has not scored since May 24. Now, he looks to end the slump and might take advantage of the fact that Haaland will get extra attention from the defense.

Final Mahred Will Score

Mahred is an extra option in case Haaland, Alvarez, and Foden cannot find the back of the net.  Ultimately, he had five goals in 30 EPL matches. Mahred also produced three goals in nine Champions League matchups. Maybe he can be the one to strike? It will be essential to keep an eye on what he can do on the pitch.

Final De Bruyne Will Score

De Bruyne is a midfielder that must get going to help Manchester City. Likewise, his ability to make creative plays and attack the back line for Inter Milan is critical. De Bruyne produced seven goals in 32 EPL matches. Likewise, he has two goals in five Champions League matches. De Bruyne will be a man on a mission as he attempts to create some separation and get on the scorecard.

Final Gundogan Will Score

Gundogan scored two goals against Manchester United in the FA Cup. Therefore, he is just as capable of striking if his teammates do not get the job done. Expect Gundogan to be all over the field, making plays and taking shots. Significantly, he finished with eight goals in 31 EPL matches and one goal in 12 matches in the Champions League. He will be a force on the grass.

Final Prop Bets Prediction & Pick

They are all talented scorers that can strike at any time. Unfortunately, not all of them will score against this tough defense. But Haaland has the best chance, and will likely be the one that breaks through the gates.

Final Prop Bets Prediction & Pick: Erling Haaland: -140