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2K announcing a new franchise this month – Marvel XCOM incoming?

2K announcing a new franchise this month - Marvel XCOM incoming?

In a recent earnings report, 2K’s parent company Take-Two announced that 2K will be revealing a “new franchise” this month. They also mentioned that it’ll be out by the end of the fiscal year – meaning before the end of March 2022. The game will be 2K’s first new franchise since Battleborn from 2016.

There’s a chance that it might be the turn-based Marvel game leaked earlier in June. The game, which seems to basically be Marvel-flavored XCOM, will reportedly feature some of Marvel’s most iconic characters. VentureBeat has also confirmed that the leaks were real. The article mentions that:

“The Firaxis game is a turn-based strategy game but with Marvel superheroes. The leak pitches it as “XCOM with Marvel heroes,” and that is a fair way of describing what players should expect. XCOM has players commanding agents in small skirmishes, and now Firaxis will weave some Avengers flavor into that foundation. So expect to see Iron Man, Wolverine, and others to show up for this one.”

If it turns out that the announcement from 2K is the Marvel XCOM game, it will be the next XCOM game since last year’s Chimera Squad spin-off. Other possibilities could be former Dead Space director Michael Condrey’s upcoming multiplayer action game. Details on that game are still currently quite sparse, however.

In other news from the same earnings report, Take-Two has also delayed two “Core Immersive” titles for polish. It wasn’t announced which two games these were, however, only that they will be out later in the 2022 fiscal year than anticipated.