The NBA Draft hasn’t quite started yet and it’s already getting wild.

It’s all but a lock that Ben Simmons and Brandon Igram are being drafted in the top two spots, but after that, it gets shaky.

Teams are looking for an advantage, and some aren’t even looking to draft with their original picks.

According to ESPN’s Chad Ford, picks 3 through 8 have all been shopped around the league this week leading up to the draft.

This is an indication that many teams are looking for veteran players to bolster their rosters instead of starting fresh with rookies.

There isn’t a ton of optimism for players coming behind the top two picks; they are all considered lower tier players by NBA GM standards.

There are always surprises and guys who unexpectedly pan out much better than anybody expected them to. We can only watch and see how much more shuffling will happen up until the very moment these teams are called to make their decisions.

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