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3 best fits for Serge Ibaka in free agency

Serge Ibaka

After a highly productive season playing for the LA Clippers, Serge Ibaka was forced to sit out for the duration of the playoffs after needing back surgery.

With a player option for next season, Serge Ibaka has a big choice to make this summer and could be a highly sought free agent if he does indeed decide to opt out and test the free agent market.

Still in the process of recovering from back surgery, Serge Ibaka is expected to miss a huge portion of next season, but the entire league still knows what he’s capable of when at full strength.

Having said all this, let’s take a look at the three best fits for Serge Ibaka in 2021 NBA free agency.

Serge Ibaka landing spots:

Brooklyn Nets 

This would be an ideal fit and it would reunite Serge Ibaka with former Thunder teammates Kevin Durant and James Harden. With his ability to play power forward or center, Ibaka would strengthen the Nets frontcourt and provide them with another big outside of Nicolas Claxton who can run the floor. He would also add to their already explosive transition game as a reliable lob partner and excellent 3-point shooter.

When healthy, Ibaka also possesses lateral quickness and mobility which are both qualities the Nets need in order to have another center on their roster who can excel in their defensive schemes. For the Nets, adding Serge Ibaka to their big man rotation would bolster their frontcourt and give them a multi-skilled combo big with a championship pedigree.

Boston Celtics 

For the Celtics, Serge Ibaka would be a welcome addition and provide them with a sound veteran and strong locker room presence. He’s a self-less teammate who could help with the growth and development of this young squad that’s a contender in the making. It would also be nice for the Celtics to have a center in their rotation who could run fast breaks with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

This is something that Boston’s been missing since they traded away Daniel Theis. With Ibaka’s relentless defensive efforts and elite rebounding, the Celtics would gain much-needed help on the glass while improving their interior defense. If the Celtics want to gain some size and toughness in their frontcourt, then pursuing Serge Ibaka this offseason is an absolute must for them.

Los Angeles Clippers 

This would definitely be the most logical choice for Ibaka to make this offseason, especially considering how much of a difference he made in their frontcourt this past year. The Clippers were only two games away from their first ever NBA Finals appearance, and that was with a relatively thin frontline. Just imagine what could have been if they had a healthy Serge Ibaka in their big man rotation to pair with Ivica Zubac or DeMarcus Cousins.

As their defensive anchor and a vital part of their offense, Ibaka is the perfect big to play in head coach Ty Lue’s system. With LA hoping to run it back next year and win the whole thing, they’re hoping to have a healthy Ibaka back and ready to contribute to their success in a major way. If the Clippers want to make another deep playoff run next year, then retaining Serge Ibaka this offseason should be a high priority for them heading into next season.