The Los Angeles Clippers have work to do in order to get back to the NBA Playoffs next season. The Clippers are hoping to get to the NBA Finals, but there are issues they must address. Here are three major offseason fixes the club must make in order to have a shot to win the 2025 NBA Finals.

Build better chemistry

Clippers guard Russell Westbrook (0) shoots the ball against Dallas Mavericks
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The Clippers seemed to have had a disconnect this past season, between veteran guard Russell Westbrook and the rest of the team. Westbrook came off the bench for Los Angeles, and there were whispers around the league that he wasn't happy about it. Westbrook claimed after the season that he is committed to helping the team, and that those rumors were false.

That may be the case, but the veteran guard's play seemed uninspired. Westbrook finished the year with an 11 point scoring average, while playing a mere 22 minutes a game. The guard didn't play as well as he had in the past, and it seemed to affect team chemistry.

The Clippers need to rebuild that chemistry, with or without Westbrook. The team may be going through a great deal of change this offseason, as James Harden is an unrestricted free agent, and Paul George can become a free agent. Clippers management may have to rebuild the core of this roster, and they need to do it in a way that improves the chemistry. That may or may not include Westbrook. The Clippers should not be afraid of parting ways with Westbrook, if that means it would improve the team's chemistry.

Rebounding the basketball

Los Angeles really struggled to rebound the basketball during the 2023-24 season. The Clippers finished the regular season 19th in rebounding, per NBA stats. The Clippers were grabbing about 43 boards a game as a team. That was nowhere near the top of the league, and nowhere near good enough for a team with championship aspirations.

The Clippers have a chance to get some solid rebounders in the free agency pool this offseason. There are several big name bigs in the free agent market, like Chicago Bulls big man Andre Drummond. There are also some lesser known players, who may be sneaky good pickups for the Clippers. To name one, there is Brooklyn Nets center Nic Claxton. Claxton nearly averaged a double-double this past season for Brooklyn, with just under 12 points and 10 rebounds a game. Nets head coach Jordi Fernandez says the team must retain Claxton, and the Clippers would be foolish to not make a run for the center.

Claxton isn't the only strong rebounder available. The New York Knicks' Isaiah Hartenstein is also becoming a free agent, and the Clippers should also offer him a spot on the roster. Hartenstein has been an invaluable part of the Knicks this postseason, grabbing just under 8 rebounds a game.

Clippers need depth

Los Angeles needs to add to its core of returning players, as several of its core group may not be back next season. If the team can keep James Harden, that will surely improve their fortunes. Many analysts believe Harden won't return, so it will take work to bring him back.

The situation is complicated for the Clippers, because there is little they can do in the 2024 NBA Draft. The Clippers only have one pick in this year's draft, and it is in the second round. The Clippers pick 46th, so unless there is a trade in the works, the team won't be able to find a first-year starter at that spot.

The team has been decimated by injuries this past season. Kawhi Leonard battled inflammation in his knee during the team's playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks. The Clippers bowed to Dallas, and injuries were a reason why. The team has to add more offense, rebounding and defensive stalwarts to their roster to pick up the slack when injuries occur.

Los Angeles has talent that is guaranteed to be there next year, in Leonard and Norman Powell. The Western Conference is always difficult, and the team is in danger of falling back into mediocrity. With the right moves, the team can be right back in the thick of things in the 2024-25 season.