3 NFL Teams That Need to Blow Up Their Rosters and Rebuild
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3 NFL Teams That Need to Blow Up Their Rosters and Rebuild

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With the NFL regular season winding down, some teams will need to focus on what they need to do to improve their rosters. For some teams, blowing up their roster and rebuilding might be their best option going forward.

Matthew Stafford

In any major sports, teams will need to go through some type of a rebuild to improve the outlook of their organization. Even a successful organization like the New England Patriots had to go through a so-called “rebuild.” In 2000, the Patriots fired Pete Carroll as their head coach and hired Bill Belichick to take the reins. They also drafted a guy named Tom Brady in the sixth round of the NFL Draft.

In Belichick’s first season, New England would finish with an abysmal 5-11 record. They would reshape their roster for the following year — with Drew Bledsoe suffering a gruesome injury early in the season.

Tom Brady, Patriots

Patriots faithful thought the season was lost until Brady stepped in and led them to an 11-5 record and got the Patriots their first Super Bowl. The rest is history as the Patriots have become the blueprint of what all teams in the NFL strive to become.

With that being said, here are a few teams who should consider starting from scratch and rebuild their rosters this off-season.

3. Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins could be in for a huge change over this summer throughout their whole franchise. The Adam Gase experiment could be coming to an end—with him having another disappointing season as head coach.

Since being hired in 2016, Gase has reached the playoffs once—losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2016 Wild Card game. The Dolphins future seemed to be in good hands as they made the playoffs in his first season at the helm.

Since then, the Dolphins have a record of 13-19—missing the playoffs in both seasons. That won’t cut it, especially when you’re in the same division as the Patriots. Some have said his play-calling and his grasp—or lack thereof—on the locker room has taken a nose dive. An embarrassing loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 17 could be the last straw for Gase and company going forward.

The Dolphins could also move on from their quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, after playing all six of his seasons in Miami. He’s been injured for a good portion of this season, while he missed all of 2017 with a knee injury.

Ryan Tannehill


It’s hard to trust him going forward and it doesn’t help much that he hasn’t been impressive when he does suit up. It would be wise for the Dolphins to clean house and start fresh in a lot of areas.

With the Patriots reign over the AFC East likely coming to an end in the next couple of years, the Dolphins will need to be ready to supplant them as the next team up.

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