3 potential breakout players for the Denver Broncos in 2020
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Noah Fant, Broncos

3 potential breakout players for the Denver Broncos in the 2020 NFL season

The Denver Broncos hope as they team they can break out during the 2020 season but to get that to happen, they need some players to have big breakout seasons. This is a young team so there are many options to choose from.

Let’s break down the three players most likely to break out during the Broncos’ 2020 season.

3. Noah Fant

Noah Fant might have already had his “breakout” season, but this is the season he is going to become one of the best tight ends in football. After being drafted in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, Fant had a strong rookie season in catching 40 passes for 562 yards and three touchdowns.

As good as Fant as, he was inconsistent and there were a few games where he was basically a non-factor. During 2020, the expectation is that there won’t be those games where he is a non-factor. If everything works out, Fant is going to have a big game almost every game.

Don’t be shocked if by the end of the 2020 season he is considered one of the best tight ends in football, as Fant will be a name that goes along with Rob Gronkowski, Travis Kelce and George Kittle.

2. Drew Lock

Drew Lock is another player who was good as a rookie, but there still seems to be some who doubt that he can continue that strong play as the full-time starter. The Broncos went 4-1 with Lock under center, but now the pressure is really on him as he expects to have more success.

The one big thing from Lock during his rookie season was that he only threw three interceptions. Sometimes turnovers are an issue for young quarterbacks, but if that’s not a problem for him, he should have a lot of success.

There is a lot of pressure on Lock, but if he has a big year, and the Broncos should find success, and he could be a darkhorse MVP candidate.

1. Graham Glasgow

Graham Glasgow was a versatile offensive lineman with the Detroit Lions. Glasgow played at center, left guard, and right guard with the Lions, but the hope is he can solidify one position with the Broncos.

Glasgow isn’t a great pass blocker, but he is elite in the run game, something that should help a running game that wasn’t elite during the 2019 season.

With Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay in the backfield, Glasgow is going to be a big reason why the Broncos’ running game is going to get a lot better.