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3 potential trade candidates for the 49ers entering 2021 training camp

49ers, 2021 training camp

The San Francisco 49ers are gearing up for the 2021 NFL Season and should show big improvements. Injuries hindered this franchise throughout the season last year, so as long as the team can be healthy, the 49ers should be one of the better teams in the league. They have many weapons, a stout defense, and a rookie quarterback that gives the 49ers longevity.

They play in a loaded NFC West division, so San Francisco needs to be at the top of their game if they hope to make the playoffs. Even so, they’re one of the favorites to make the postseason this year. To make their lives easier, though, the front office should highly consider making a trade to bulk up the roster.

The only trade rumors swirling out of San Francisco surrounds Jimmy Garoppolo. However, the coaching staff seems adamant about keeping him to allow Trey Lance to develop on the bench. The 49ers should make some sort of trade regardless, as adding one more player could put this team over the top. With that said, here are three trade candidates for the 49ers entering training camp.

Davante Adams

There aren’t any real rumors surrounding Davante Adams, not yet at least. After disagreeing on a contract extension, it sounds like Adams wants to be done with the Green Bay Packers. He’s in the final year of his contract and due to hit free agency in 2022. For this reason, the Packers may decide to trade Adams away and receive a haul of draft picks in return.

The 49ers should highly consider making an offer for Adams, as bringing him alongside George Kittle and Brandon Aiyuk would give the 49ers an elite offense. San Francisco may have to offer Deebo Samuel to make the Packers more willing to accept a deal, but even then, this is a no-brainer move the 49ers should make.

Xavien Howard

Another route the 49ers could go is to beef up their secondary. The cornerback room is already decent, but acquiring Xavien Howard puts the defense over the top. Howard is one of the best cornerbacks in the league and bringing him in gives the 49ers an elite defense. This could be a move that elevates the 49ers above the rest of their division rivals.

N’Keal Harry

He’s not nearly on the same level as Davante Adams or Xavien Howard, but this could be a sneaky good trade by the 49ers. Outside of Aiyuk, Samuel, and Kittle, the 49ers don’t have a reliable fourth option in the passing game. This could be a great new landing spot for N’Keal Harry, as he’d play alongside a great group of receivers with no pressure of being a star.

Harry is a big-bodied receiver that could be a red-zone specialist for San Fransisco. The 49ers receiving core is already rather big, so adding Harry into the mix makes perfect sense. Additionally, trading for Harry would be substantially cheaper than trading for Adams, so the 49ers would still hold a large chunk of their draft capital moving forward.